Supreme Court dismisses Democrats’ appeal in Trump’s controversies

Washington – The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to revive the legal battle taken by congressional Democrats, who alleged that President Trump is violating the Constitution with his continued ownership of hotels and restaurants, as they trade with foreign governments We do.

With its decision not to raise the dispute, the Supreme Court delivered a ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which found that the case should be dismissed because Democratic lawmakers have a legal stand to bring it was not.

On the issue of whether Mr. Trump violated the Constitution’s foreign demonetisation clause with continued ownership in his companies. The clause, intended to counter foreign influence, prohibits the President from accepting any gift, office, title or “abandonment” from a foreign state without congressional approval.

Democrats wrote in their petition to the court, “The President is accepting payments and other financial benefits from foreign states, while maintaining the ownership of their companies, while allowing them to do business with foreign companies.” “Yet President Trump has not sought very little received, congressional consent for any of these transactions. Instead, he has defied the defense of the Constitution’s structure against foreign influence”.

Democrats argued that every time Mr. Trump “accepts a foreign separation” without prior approval from Congress, he is “denying his right to cast an effective vote on whether he can accept that separation.”

Senate Democrats filed their suit against Mr. Trump in 2017, and a federal district court ruled the following year that lawmakers stood to bring suit. But in February, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit overturned the lower court’s ruling, and ordered the lower court to drop the case.

Another lawsuit related to Mr. Trump’s Washington, DC, hotel is pending. In May, the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a request from Mr. Trump to stop lawsuits brought by officials in DC and Maryland who violated the demonetization clause, accepting foreign and state governments at the Trump International Hotel Was accused of doing. Near the White House.


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