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This swimsuit collab is size-exclusive, sustainable and under $ 100.

On Thursday, Kitty-Vibe, the size-inclusive swimsuit brand, announced a six-piece collaborative collection with plus-size model and activist Clementine Desco – for the last long weekend of summer. Cameron Armstrong founded Kitty & Vibe in 2018 with the mission to reduce the stress of shopping for swimsuit for women. “From product fit-to-experience, from exclusive campaigns to override products, I’ve often heard – and felt myself – about how shopping for swimsuits was happening for women,” she says . “I set out to develop a brand that felt like a friend.” To do this, she came up with an entirely new procedure, which determines your size according to the measurements of the hip and butt. She also includes women of all sizes in kitty and vibe imagery, ensuring that every woman sees herself while shopping for a swimsuit. Now, Armstrong is adding Desco, who in addition to being a model, is the founder and CEO of the All Womkan Project, a nonprofit company that supports women nationwide. “I first saw Clementine in an outdoor voice campaign when I was just beginning to develop Kitty and Vibe,” says Armstrong. “I was struck by her fierceness, yet still had her acceptance, and I dreamed of collaborating with her one day. The dream was to create our first ib vibe ‘which was far from a real human, so the product was really that of a friend. Feels Like. The clam was perfect. “About Kitty and Vibe, Desco says she always likes the brand’s dedication to body diversity and representation,” as well as their Photoshop-free policy, “She tells me.” It fits everything that I stand for, so it made sense to collaborate with them and all are involved with the Womxn project as well. “The collection, titled The Clém Vibes, consists of six bikini silhouettes, each designed in collaboration with Desco. Inspired by the Brazilian forests where Desco holidayed last year, the collection is full of vibrant colors and patterns. “Duel [of the two colorways] Armstrong says, “One must feel your Sun and Moon signs.” “Surya (Solel) is your external presence and how you present yourself to the world. Moon (Lune) Your more emotional, personal side and who you are with yourself. “Each colorway is available in three top options – a bandeau top, an underwear top, and a dip top, priced at $ 50 – and three lower options – in a cheeky, high-hip and high-waist style, each $ 45. The Clem Vibes collection also marks the first-of-a-kind collection of kitty and vibes using recycled materials. “I’ve been working with my manufacturer for a few years to find recycled fibers that touch, feel, and elasticity. Match the convenience of normal fabrics, “says Armstrong. Her next goal for the brand is to reduce its single-use plastics in packaging and” recycled all elements of its kitty order by 2222. “So , Before we say goodbye to yet another swimsuit season, take advantage of the last long weekend of summer by purchasing the newly launched Claim Vibes collection. Refinery29, we are here to bring you this massive world of stuff To help navigate. All our market pics are independently selected by the editorial team and Sues are curated. If you buy some links on our site, Refinery29 can earn commission. How about some more R29 goodness, right here? It looks like a really permanent bikini Summersalt x Tanya Taylor is not the one for Miss22 black bikini, you need to buy this summer