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Supermodel Carol Alt reveals her beauty secrets

Alt is a do-it-yourself genius. She makes her own shampoo, and when she runs out of moisturizer, she has become famous for the virtues of olive oil.

But his other beauty secrets are very achievable.

She found an anti-aging product she swears by.

"I have this new material called Miracle in the Night, it's a patch, you put it on your skin and it leaves you wrinkles, it's amazing, it's completely natural, which is very important to me, I can do it when I need it." , He said.

Editor's note: We love anti-wrinkle facial masks and there are tons of online critics who speak wonders. The Wrinkles Schminkles mask is a best-seller in Dermstore and is actually reusable. The kit comes with a silicone pad that helps slow down the aging process and improves the appearance of fine lines for 20-30 uses! They also sell a version for men.

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These two anti-aging masks are Amazon Choice products with tons of 4.5 star reviews. Both come in packs of four and use the power of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to increase hydration and restore firmness.

When it comes to makeup, Alt is a big fan of RMS Beauty, which is known for using organic food and food-grade ingredients in its products.

"They have this base that I love and use the blush on my cheeks and lips, it's really nice, the base: you need very little to cover everything, I just touch and touch, I almost never use the base," Alt said. .

This product is also available on Amazon Prime for the same price.

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