Superman & LOIS series premiere review; “The epic SUPERMAN series we’ve been waiting for”

Well we certainly weren’t expecting that. It’s fair to say we’ve grown used to a certain tone from The CW’s DC TV shows, with the titular superhero surrounded by love interests, mentors, goofy allies (we’re looking at you here, Cisco), and a rinse and replay. Weekly villain with a big bad waiting behind the scenes to be defeated in the finale. It remains to be seen if Superman and Lois succumbs to those familiar traps and clichés, but as of now, the premiere of this series points to the network moving from Arrow-Formula and offers an exciting new movie version of the Man of Steel.

After a fantastic recap that brought us up to speed on the history of the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman, we continue with Clark Kent, Lois Lane and their two teenage children in Metropolis. However, a family tragedy brings them back to Smallville, and this hour-long opener does an excellent job of laying the groundwork for a new interpretation of the world of Superman, all while making it feel like a big-budget movie. the Iron Man The inspiration is clear to see (we’re surprised Zack Snyder doesn’t have an executive producer credit), but that’s not a bad thing, and what many felt was a shadowy take on this iconic DC Comics character in that movie replaced with the hopeful and optimistic Superman that many fans have been desperate to see on screen for years. Jonathan and Jordan Kent are in no way a detriment to the series thus far, and while the teen drama could ultimately bog down the series, their story is currently just as compelling as their parents’.

Tyler Hoechlin has been a great Superman ever since he made a cameo in Supergirlbut with stronger material to work with here, his work really rockets. The same can be said for Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane, although we’d like the future episode to show what makes her the best journalist in the world. While Jordan and Jonathan, Alex Garfin, and Jordan Elsass put in a tough job, the former, in particular, is one to watch. Honestly, you can’t find a bad acting in this premiere, and it helps that the cast doesn’t reel in silly puns, gather on unrealistic sci-fi-inspired foundations, or head down the routes that we hope these shows are. CW carry.

From a visual perspective, Superman and Lois it looks phenomenal. It feels like a series that The CW has spent a lot of money on, with the battle between the Man of Tomorrow and his mysterious new nemesis looking like something we might expect to see in a big-budget superhero movie. Honestly, the show is better than it has a right to be, and while there don’t seem to be any plans for Superman on the big screen for the foreseeable future, this show promises to fill that void very well (and on a weekly basis, too). ). Dan Romer’s score is perhaps the only part of this premiere that doesn’t always work, because it doesn’t always match the epic action that unfolds on screen. The big question from here is whether Superman and Lois can maintain this level of quality; Right now, we’re glad that COVID means it will continue to be independent in nature, as it doesn’t appear to benefit from Batwoman or Flash running around Smallville to form a team, but The CW really does seem to have something special. in your hands with what could ultimately be DC’s best television show yet.

The epic Superman series we’ve been waiting for, the Superman & Lois series premiere is cinematic, bold, and a step in the right direction for the Man of Steel as The CW seeks to embrace what makes this character great.


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