Superdata: 3D All-Stars is now the biggest digital launch for a Mario game on the Nintendo Switch

Digital video game sales reached an all-time high this year. Last week, for example, Fifa 21Digital sales in Britain have reduced physical purchases during launch for the first time.

Now, according to SuperData’s monthly report for September, Super mario 3d all-stars Set a new digital launch sales record for Mario games on the Nintendo Switch.

The game reportedly sold 1.8 million digital copies in its early period – meaning it improves digital sales Super mario odyssey, Super Mario Maker 2 And Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

No other information was provided, but we are speculating that sales have become partially indifferent and the fact that this is a “limited-time” release that Nintendo says is due in late March next year. -Shop will be removed.

Earlier this week, NPD’s industry analyst, Matt Piscitella, shared his own theory about what could happen to each of these games in the 3D All-Stars collection after this date:

“I don’t think these games will disappear, like what will happen with the old school Disney vault. But I think there may be additional flexibility and purchase options. For example, an a la carte purchase option on eShop.”

He also noted how strong 3D All-Stars sales and demand are, giving Nintendo “extra confidence in bringing in other legacy titles” for its new platform.

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