Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder turns into an instant memes machine

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New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 playable character Joker.

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We should have seen this coming.

The latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate In addition, players also have access to the new Mii Fighter costumes.

The kick drum machine was vibrating with excitement, particularly by the inclusion of a stage builder, which has been available in previous entries in the series. However, there were some early setbacks, with many Switch users report on Twitter that they could not even download the update.

Once the content was opened in the hands of the players, the gates of the memes were opened. Nothing could stop the increase in time of perfectly designed stages to entertain, offend and disappoint. Everything started quite calmly, with the Nintendo America Twitter account for competitive games that shows us the full content of scenario creators in which one could participate.

See 3.0 or Super #SmashBrosUltimate Provide new ways to create and share content! Build the stages of your dreams in Stage Builder to play the world! Now you can edit your best video clips together in a timeline and add transitions, subtitles and music.

– Nintendo Versus (@NintendoVS) April 17, 2019

There were also other more healthy shots in the idea of ​​the stage creator. As a scenario based on corn on the cob, a scenario based on the transnational flag and another based on the game of the circle. How delicious.

Of course, as any tool that allows the community in general to build, develop or evoke their own creations, inevitably became less tasty topics. Fortunately, someone at Nintendo had the vision to know that this is exactly How the scenario builder would be used.

Stage Builder has a function that prevents you from drawing certain shapes.

Those forms include penises.

Someone at Smash Bros. The development team was paid to code and create a penis detection software.

– Sykin (@SykinSG) April 18, 2019

It is not up to this reporter to show how fast the players found a way to avoid this so-called software, but suffice it to say that, as someone who has read many messages, I have seen my fair share of Smash Bros. male style badia.

While it's good and fun to joke about some penises here and there, the current truth is a bit more worrisome. At least these first moments after the launch, the stage creator seems to be not moderate and the new game mode is already being used for a little more nefarious media. A quick look at the tweets shows that others are drawing swastikas and racist caricatures, along with badually explicit images.

It is clear that we should not make this happen.

Super Smash Bros. The latest is the Nintendo switch highest-selling title. Now, it is also a testimony to the idea that you can not trust the Internet, never with anything, never. Will Nintendo hit the hammer fast and hard?

Nintendo did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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