Super Mario Sunshine provides game cube controller support in Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Yoshi vomits with pleasure.

Yoshi vomits with pleasure.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Super mario 3d all-stars Was already SpectacularBut a new update Players have been offering a feature since its release last September: GameCube controller support Super mario sunshine.

In addition to this Reverse control In all three games, today Super mario 3d all-stars Patch makes it so you can play Super mario sunshine The way it was originally intended. (Patch notes lack any mention of GameCube controller support Super mario 64 or Super mario galaxy.)

Of course, you won’t be able to use the GameCube controller with the Nintendo Switch Lite or in handheld mode on the original switch because it requires a separate adapter, but hey, those analog triggers are game-changers. If you have the necessary hardware, Sunshine Looks great to play now.

Super mario 3d all-stars Only available to buy until March 31, a Inexplicable time frame Nintendo is yet to be adequately explained.


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