Super Mario Bros. 35 – How to Win and Top Tips for Mario’s Switch Battle Royal – Guide

Super mario 35

Super Mario Bros. 35 Now available for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop, turning Mario’s classic platforming gameplay into a 35-player Battle Royal competition. It seems too busy on paper, and just like Tetris 99, It is really busy when you reach the last step.

If you are wondering how to win a round of Super Mario Bros. 35 or just looking for tips to defeat other players, hopefully this guide will help you.

Basics – How to play Super Mario Bros. 35

Mario Brothers 35Nintendo, screenshot: Nintendo Life

Objective of the game

Super Mario Bros. 35 doesn’t really explain the rules to you, so when you first jump into a game you’ll be forgiven for being a little confused. Essentially, your goal is to stand the ultimate Mario.

This means that this is not a simple race for the flagpole – instead, your focus should be on surviving and watching other players slowly but surely fall to their doom. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of different tactics that you can choose from, but the first thing you should do is that you have a solid grip of Mario’s control and each different enemy type. There is an understanding to exclude.


If you are familiar with the Mario platform, the controls should also be familiar. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • B: Use B to jump. Mario can stay in the air longer when you press the button.
  • Y: Use Y to run. This Mario Sprint – useful for long jumps and reaching goals.
  • D-pad: This is simple. Mario can move left and right using the D-pad.
  • X: Pressing X allows you to use random items mid-game (more on this in the coin section of this guide).

Helps you defeat the enemy, and hinders your opponents

One of the most important parts of Super Mario Bros. 35 revolves around repelling enemies. We’re talking Gombas, Koopa Troopas, Cheep Chips – you name it.

The main reason for this is that defeating the enemy gives you extra time. You will see that each time you belly a goomba, precious seconds are added to your watch, which helps you to win.

The way to defeat your opponents is also important. Stomping on a Goomba will give you more bonus seconds than taking it out with a fireflower, for example, and stomping on multiple Goombas in quick succession can add even more time. Play around and discover the best strategy.

Finally, any enemy you defeat is sent to your target opponent (more on this later, much more). If you see any outside enemies on your screen, they have been dispatched by your opponents. To defeat enemies keep them flying at your opponents and make your life just a little bit harder.

What do Super Mario Bros. do in 35?

Mario Brothers 35Nintendo, screenshot: Nintendo Life

Collecting coins can seem very counter-intuitive at first – especially considering that pesky timer is counting down forever – but you’ll want to collect as many as you want.

For starters, with 20 coins, you are able to get a random power-up from Item Roulette, like Fire Flower or Super Star (you can see it in the top-left of the screen in the image above – just press it X button to activate). This can be a big help if enemies are littering the screen and Mario is weak – you can also get a power block that instantly knocks every enemy on screen.

It also appears that the more coins you have, the bigger and worse the enemies you send to your opponents. It is one thing to send your opponent a Goomba, but what if you can send yourself to Bowser! Okay, you can – just keep stock on coins.

Which Attack Mode Should You Choose in Super Mario Bros. 35?

There are four different attack modes to choose from at the top of the screen that can be selected by flicking the right control stick in the appropriate direction. Your choices are random, shortest time, most coins and attackers.

Your choice here is important because it determines which real-life adversary will end up dealing with all of your defeated enemies.

without thinking and understanding

Random does just what he says on the tin and targets any random player. This is not the smartest strategy, but if you are just coming up with things and don’t want the extra distraction, then it is not a bad issue.

Shortest time

The shortest time targets the player who has the least time left, which means that you will have more chance to contribute towards getting someone out. If you want to end the weak competition quickly, this is a good shout.

Most coins

Most coins are probably the most useful option for experienced players. Here, you will make life difficult for those who have a lot of coins left, ready to be used on power-ups who may have kept them in the game. The best players have a lot of coins, so why not go there and disrupt their game?


Attackers target players who are currently attacking you. Ironically, attackers are actually a defensive option, hoping to put enough pressure on those who are targeting you that they can no longer send more enemies your way.

Super Mario Bros. 35 Tips and Tricks

  • It is important to remember that being alive is the purpose of the game here. Do not feel pressured into blitting through each level to reach the goal – often a steady pace, carefully collecting coins and defeating all enemies, puts you in a stronger position in later stages.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! From the main menu, you can actually jump into an option called ‘Course Practice’. Here, you will be able to check the courses that you have unlocked without any pressure – learning how each course is scheduled is essential.
  • You can head into a fight with an item already equipped, so why wouldn’t you? Just before you dive into battle, you should place a banner on the right side of the screen that lets you spend coins on the item. This means you can jump 1-1 in the world with a fireflower or superstar – get in there and dominate from there!

Hopefully this guide will help you get closer to the victory of the Mario fight royale. If you have any other advice for players who are reading, feel free to share your words of wisdom in our comments section below.

We’ll review Super Mario Bros. 35 for you as soon as possible, so stay tuned for that too!


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