Super Mario 3D All-Stars contains over 170 classic songs for your listening pleasure.

This screenshot is actually from Super mario odyssey, But any opportunity to share this amazing image is worth taking …

Unless you somehow slept through the entirety of the previous week (in which case, we’re really jealous), you wouldn’t know that you … Nintendo After all Heavily rumored revealed Super mario 3d all-stars.

Captivating collection of Super mario 64, Super mario sunshine And Super mario galaxy All in one (not you, Galaxy 2), The game begins as a limited-time release on Switch next week. To sweeten the deal, it also features a music player, which has tracks from all three games.

Today, Nintendo has revealed that music players will add more than 170 songs in total, which is actually a tentlizing possibility.

Naturally, we don’t know the set to include all 170 songs yet, but some of the tracks we’re featuring have been revealed to be integrated to enjoy:

You don’t need to tell us that these three titles are some of the biggest soundtracks in the history of video games, so let us know if you’re eager to hear them with the comment below. If you haven’t already, be sure to check for unboxing before the game too.