Jason Kelce, Nick Foles and Fletcher Cox in the Super Bowl of the Eagles.
Martin Frank / The News Journal

PHILADELPHIA – Nick Foles said he never wanted to leave the Eagles, even if that meant moving from the Super Bowl MVP to a backup role once Carson Wentz recovers from suffering two broken ligaments in his knee.

That's why Foles said on Tuesday he never cared about the rumors of change, despite his desire to return as a starting quarterback. Executive vice president of football operations for the Eagles, Howie Roseman, did not necessarily deny those rumors of change last month.

Foles agreed to restructure his contract last week, which gave him an increase of $ 2 million and incentives that could take his contract for this season to $ 14 million depending on the number of starts, and so on.

"You have to look at the time and place where you are," said Foles. "I've seen both sides, the grass is not always greener on the other side, do I want an opportunity to lead a team again? Absolutely.

" But am I trying to escape and do it right? now? I'm grateful to be here … I'm not hitting the table at all. I'm very grateful to be in this moment. "

Foles told a radio station in Austin, Texas earlier this month, that he wanted to start over, Foles said he could not believe that it would become a big problem.

"I can not believe I had to leave and say I want to start again," said Foles. "I've always believed that your actions speak louder than words. I should not have to go out and say I should be a starter again, because if I say that, there are many guys who say they should not be starters. The key is to go out on the field and lead your team and show people that, hey, this guy is a good guy in the locker room, he can lead a team, he did it in the field, and he has shown it. For me, that's what I've always had to do. "

Foles said he did not demand an exchange, and that the restructuring of the contract was a mutual decision because of" the unique situation we're in. "[19659016] Autoplay

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