SUNY students must pass a coronavirus test to enter the campus

Students enrolled in New York’s public colleges must first pass a COVID-19 test to reach the campus in a bid to prevent the spread of the infectious virus.

State University of Albany and Stony Brook University sent notice to students stating that they would have to give evidence of being tested negative for coronovirus before coming to campus later this month for the fall semester.

“, Given the delay in COVID-19 test results and the lack of test availability in some areas, testing should be done at all universities in Albany as soon as possible to bring results before the start of fall classes,” Michael Christakis, vice president In the affairs of the students, the students said in the letter “Dear Great Dane”.

“If a student living on campus fails to provide a negative test or university proof of the NYS Department of Health test (for students who have submitted COVID-19 documents before coming to campus), they need to be checked in Will not be allowed. Their residence halls or apartments, ”warned Christakis.

“Unless students have negative test results in their hands, they should stay home.”

Stony Brook officials said that passing the COVID-19 test is just the first step during the fall semester to keep the semester bug at bay.

“You won’t know when you prepare and provide a COVID-19 PCR NEGATIVE test result,” says the letter to Stony Brook students.

The letter states that private health insurance should cover the costs of testing, which is provided free of charge by local health departments.

Stoin Brook students will also be monitored and are required to complete a “daily electronic screener” during the semester to track COVID-19 related symptoms.

“If you have COVID-19 or a temperature that is higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius, you need to contact Student Health Services for an evaluation and if you need to do a COVID-19 PCR test, a determination. Will be directed to contact for. , ”Said the letter to students sent by Rick Gatteau, vice president of Sticky Brook for student affairs.

“In addition to the testing required to result in symptoms, we will conduct ongoing testing during the semester to ensure our community is safe and sound.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order in March that vacated college campuses and helped prevent the spread of COVID-19 to help students take online courses from home for the remainder of the spring semester. In New York as the epidemic hits. Locations at Stony Brook and other SUNY and CUNY campuses were also set aside for public health emergencies.

The crisis has resumed in New York. But college officials have a tough challenge to welcome thousands of students back to campus without starting another outbreak.