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Suns owner Robert Sarver called Jerry Colangelo to receive comments on Monty Williams.

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When the Phoenix Suns were on a major trainer search after firing Igor Kokoskov, it was reported that Monty Williams was a primary target.

In that search, Suns owner Robert Sarver called former owner Jerry Colangelo for his thoughts on Williams, with whom Colangelo spent time in basketball in the United States.

"I heard about Robert Sarver," said Colangelo. 98.7 FM Burns & Gambo of the Arizona Sports Station on Tuesday. "I was in Europe and I had not heard from him in a long time and he asked me what I wanted to share with him about Monty and I told him it was the complete package."

Colangelo said that Sarver and Williams met the next day, to which Sarver thanked him for his time and reported that Williams was going to be the employee of the Suns.

Williams said in Bickley & Marotta After his introductory press conference on Tuesday, Colangelo played a pivotal role in accepting work in Phoenix.

"Mr. Colangelo was the guy that really pushed me to work for Mr. Sarver and that said a lot because most people would think he would not get along and that is contrary to reality," he said.

Colangelo, a four-time Executive of the Year award winner during his time with the Suns, rejected any ill will towards Sarver.

"I can only speak for myself," he said. "I never had any problems with Robert Sarver."

Colangelo largely backed Williams' hiring, saying "I could not be happier with the result."

"When you're with someone almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month and a half two summers in a row, you know yourself pretty well," he said of the time I worked with Wiliams for the US basketball. UU "We had private time together, and more importantly, I had the opportunity to really see his work ethic on the court physically in the boardroom, if you prefer, studying the videotape, his insatiable appetite for information. with guys like Coach K, Coach Boeheim, just taking notes, acting like a sponge.

As Colangelo told Sarver, he believes that Williams is the total package.

"At the end of the day, when you take a guy with a great character, that is, he is as good as they come, he has that kind of background as a player, he had an incredible adversity to overcome, everyone knows that I count now about his heart condition and he was told he would never play again, and then his coach record, "Colangelo said.

"A good example is what he did specifically with Anthony Davis and help him develop his game. I thought he was a perfect guy to take over this franchise because, like everyone else, I want the Suns to be successful. "

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