Suns’ Devin Booker hits the game’s winning shot in the final seconds vs. the Mavericks

(Photo by Justin Ford / Getty Image)

Devin Booker knew that he hit a three-forward jumper as he left the ball in his right hand on Monday night.

Booker, who finished the night with 24 points in his first game after a four-game absence from injury, would be vindicated in his assessment.

The jumpshot gave the Suns a 109–108 lead over hometown Dallas Mavericks in 10–10 seconds with 1.5 seconds left in regulation.

Booker’s shot would be a game-winning basket, as the Suns secured their second win over the Mavericks in three days.

The shooting guard’s game-winning jumper topped a 9-for-19 shooting performance, helping the Suns make several comebacks during the final quarters of the competition.

Booker finished the contest on Monday with four three-pointers on eight attempts, including fellow guard Chris Paul in hitting a quartet of shots from behind the arc in a win over the competition.

Booker’s late sporting heroines helped the Suns improve their record to 11-8, showing a wide margin in the two-team three-match series for the season.

It all came to its dramatic result on a closed-balanced shot that cleared the arms of Mavericks guard Josh Richardson.

It was a shot that struck nothing but the net, giving sensation fans a reason to celebrate on Monday night.


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