Sunday Sundries: Milwaukee Brewers Week 2 in Review

Let's see. If the Brewers only lose one game a week, they will have a record of (check calculator) … 127-35. Yep. That'll do.

So that's not happening, but this has been a very encouraging start. Sure, the Cubs battered the Brewers' pitch for two days, but they only managed to beat one of them, and Milwaukee came back to win a more reasonable facsimile of a game today. All three games ended with a total score of 26-25 Cubs, and all three games of the Reds were all one-game games, so the Team is not overwhelming anyone. But they ARE overwhelming them, and an 8-2 start beats the alternative. Just ask the puppies.

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds

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SUPERIOR PITCHING HISTORY I bet you were waiting for someone else! But as much as I love the performance of another pitcher, the departure of Freddy Peralta on Wednesday may have been the most encouraging performance of the week. The fastball Freddy struggled to find the plate in his first start and lasted only three innings and allowed nine base runners in the weeklong loss to the Cardinals. In the final game of the series in Cincinnati on Wednesday afternoon, Peralta worked eight innings of two hits, no walk ball and threw out eleven of the Reds' renewed lineup. The Brewers had their worst offensive game of the young season but they won 1-0, and this gives hope for the Three Youngsters (plus one) in the rotation.

Honorable mention: Oh yes. Josh Hader is a good relay pitcher. He saved half of Menomomee Nine's wins this week, and saved the best for last. Craig Counsell did not have to use it in the first two games of the series, which gave Hader three full days of rest. What are you doing then? Pull the last 2 two/3 The rubber match tickets a set of three games, and watch him retire eight in a row to block the 4-2 victory. For the week Josh had 3 saves, he worked 4. two/3 tickets allowing a hit, a walk and fanning (only) five. But the slider is coming and, as we saw last season, the games against the Cubs are important. Therefore, not having Josh at least in the first two games of the series is a reasonable price to pay for taking 2 of 3 of the Chicago Senior Circuit entry.

Haderade is alive and well, and tasty.

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds

Lando goes deep!
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MAIN HISTORY: Remember when we asked ourselves if Orlando Arcia would last the first month as the Brewers shortstop? Yes, we can be idiots. Lando cut .368 / .478 / .684 for an OPS of 1,162, contributing two big home runs, scoring 5 times and driving in 5. He even got 4 walks in the week! If the young shortstop can continue with his right field approach and his great defense, that type of production of the eight positions makes this alignment much deeper. Oh, and Arcia's two homers averaged 355 '; That is an economic use of distance.

Honorable mention: Another player with whom Milwaukee fans were a little impatient was the new receiver Yasmani Grandal. The signatory of the free agent started slowly but drilled his first homer this week, added a double and trimmed .533 / .562 / .867, OPS 1.420. Yaz scored five times, but his only ribbie was the home run. It was nice to see the dinger come as a right; We know that the left side is its strong side. Be good when the power of that box of hitters comes.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: The worry is still the bullpen. The only loss of the week made the crew score eight, but they still lost by six when the pen allowed seven races. We all hope that the return of Jeremy Jeffress will give a boost to the relief corps, providing not only effective relief work, but also greater depth. But there is no guarantee that JJ will be at last year's level (a certainly stratospheric height), and I do not trust the rest of the pen outside of Hader. I find it hard to believe that the Brewers' mental confidence would think differently (and I'm not surprised they never expressed it), but I hope they keep their eyes and ears open.

It does not have to be Craig Kimbrel (but jeesh, it's just money … I wonder how much we could raise with a gofundme), but Will Smith has three saves for the Giants that do not go anywhere. For example.

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds

You're out, Yasiel!
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COMMENT OF THE WEEK: It's good that Grandal comes, but I still see great potential in Manny Pina's defense. An astute commentator was happy to see Pineapple behind the plate for Peralta's Wednesday start:

I'm glad to see Pina catch Fast Freddy today.

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published by Ben Reagan in April 3, 2019 | 09 A.M

Man, that guy has some good observations. Notice how much the staff improved today as well.

The team goes to the west coast, and we can see Mike Trout and Christian Yelich IN THE SAME GAMES! Those will happen tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. Continuing the tradition of not playing on Thursdays last season, Milwaukee moves to Dodger Stadium for games with the offensive offense of Los Angeles. Enjoy your week, friends!

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