‘Sunday Night Football’ season debut rating crater from 2019 – Deadline

Sophie Stadium was devoid of fans last night Caused by a coronovirus epidemic, but filled with Los Angeles Rams victory for hometown heroes. Sadly, the feeling of winning was not reflected in the ratings for NBC and the NFL.

The Rams defeated the Dallas Cowboys 20–17 during the team’s first ever competition of $ 5 billion. It was also a game in which the Rams had Malcolm Brown score two touchdowns and a career-high 79 yards. Fighting to the end against the wall of Rama’s defense in a very bumpy and bumpy spectacle, the Cowboys initially saw lineburner Leighton Vander Esch out with a collarbone injury. All in all, not a good start for Mike McCarthy’s first game as Cowboys coach.

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With the disappointing ratings of the NFL season kickoff on September 10 with on-field action and offshore ratings coming in, the league and Comcast-owned networks themselves were looking for a win this Football Pack Weekend.

Even with Jerry Joan’s team’s general ratings gold on the field, the NFL and NBC did not win that – at least not in the opening numbers.

With a large national following to both teams, SNF Last night between 4.7 and 18.81 million viewers of adults stunned 4.7 in opening ratings.

Fixed numbers to change, a 28% drop in ratings and a 23% drop in the set of eyeballs from the official start of September 8, 2019. SNF The opening number of the previous season’s opening game has been hampered. While early Nielsen data lacks West Coast numbers, which is important when you have a team from the mega-market of playing LA, this result is going to be a tough shot for the NFL and NBC to swallow.

To add a bit more context, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 33-3 pummeling then sparked the Super Bowl, which the New England Patriots pulled to an audience of 22.2 million on NBC last year, which was too much SNF2018 season premiere. The 2019 figure in digital platform viewing reached 22.7 million.

In addition, at this point, last night’s SNF is down nearly 10% in both major demos and the audience got the early results from the Kansas City Chiefs near blowout season opener on Houston TX on September 10 of this year.

Down double-digit from its 2019 counterpart, fans scattered in primetime games at Arrowhead Stadium (more than 17,000 in a venue built for just over 76,000) and a strong and blunt social justice and anti-racist message from the league and players Hai – which was allegedly sown by fans. Tomorrow night may be a sign of where the Roger Goodell-led NFL is already flowing. SNF His stance on such issues was heavily subdued and saw only a few players kneeling during the national anthem.

Compared to the NBA and NHL playoffs, the NFL match on September 10 jumped to an adjusted number of 19.3 million viewers on NBC. When the number surpassed 20.3 million, recording digital platform viewership,

Saying that, the sun is still not shining in LA due to the forest fire that rips the Golden State, but we get a little brighter on Sunday, if you know what I mean?

Even with SNF Down, NBC would have no problem winning the night. For the rest of Sunday, including 60 minutes‘Exclusive sit-down with Bob Woodward in his new Trump book, Fox’s NFL Post-Game Show OT (6.5, 1.4 the M) scored very high in the demo, but is likely to adjust to the final. A glimpse of the upcoming season The mask singer (1.3, 6.9 1.3M) also performed well in the Sunday night demo, while previewing the network’s 2020 fall lineup (0.M, 2.05MM) and a repeat family Guy Wrapped up in the evening.

On CBS, 60 minutes (0.8,7.7.1m) returned with the same Anger-Recent new episode elder brother (1.0, 4.80 M) got two-tenths of the previous week and its viewership increased. Meanwhile, Sunday’s edition Love island (0.5, 1. the2mm) finished tenth in the demo and achieved its second largest viewership of the season.

Elsewhere, stayed in the reunion zone with ABC America’s Funniest Home Video, Celeb Fam Food, Press your luck And Match game. CW’s Fridge wars (0.1, 310,000) kept constant during repeat Supernatural Capped at night

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