Sundance: Sony Pictures Classics sports drama ‘Jockey’

7:01 PM PST 1/30/2021


Mia Galuppo

The American theatrical competition is titled Star Clifton Collins, Jr., Molly Parker and Moises Arius.

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired worldwide rights to the Sundance drama The jockey.

The title of the US Dramatic Competition was Clifton Collins, Jr., Molly Parker and Moises Arius, and was the directorial debut for Clint Bentley.

The logline reads: “An aging jockey (Collins) hopes to win one last title for his longtime trainer (Parker), who appears to be a championship horse. His ability to continue his lifelong passion Questioning it. And the arrival of a young rogue rider (Arius), who claims to be his son and whom he takes under his wing, further paves the way to fulfill his dream. “

Bentley directed from a script he wrote with Greg Quader. Logan Cormier and Coleen Hartnett also star.

Bentley, Queder and Nancy Shaffer produced the film. Produced with Larry Kalas, Larry Kelly, Linda and John Halbert, Cheryl and Walt Penn, Genevieve and Mark Crozier executive Cindy and John Greenwood, Ann Grimes, Jay Old, Benjamin Fuqua, Jordi Wax and Collins Jr.

ICM Partners negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers, with Films Boutique responsible for international sales.

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