Summary of the arrow cross: Season 6, Episode 8

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Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey
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Watching "Crisis on Earth-X , Part 2: "I could not help thinking about the movie Justice League recently released and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . There was a lot that I did not like about those two movies (and I'm not going to take the time to explain what's going on here), but at the same time, it's hard to ignore the visceral thrill of seeing your favorite heroes on the screen; It reminds you to play with action figures when you were younger. So I felt for the second part of this year's crossover, which, for the record, I liked much more than the aforementioned films. While "Crisis on the Earth-X" is not as strong as the first part due to a lot of necessary but uncomfortable exposures, however I found myself on the edge of my seat (read: office chair) because seeing Green Arrow , Supergirl, and The Flash team is really fun.

The hour begins with a surprising beginning with a surprising revelation: Prometheus is none other than Tommy Merlyn of Earth-X, the dark 53rd Earth where the Nazis won the war (according to Harry, who explains this in one of the many scenes of information dump of the episode, nobody travels there). Honestly, I thought Roy Harper was going to be Prometheus-X, but I'm glad it was not because Tommy reveals much more emotional weight, especially for Oliver, whose eyes fill with tears at seeing his best friend again. Unfortunately, this Tommy is not the man Oliver knew. Tommy is cold and ruthless, and has no patience with Oliver's sentimentality. Oh, and he is 100% loyal to the homeland, we discovered when he kills himself to avoid further interrogation.

One would think that seeing his best friend die a second time would make Oliver dirty, but he has something else on his mind: Felicity not wanting to get married. Then, Oliver – who, unless we've forgotten him, feels comfortable talking about his feelings now – raises the problem with her one more time. She says that she loves him so much, but that she simply does not want to marry anyone, which is new for Oliver, who wants to take that step. As Felicity later confides to Iris, she is also concerned that taking this step will cause more problems, such as the last time they committed. One of the things that I appreciated about this episode was that even in the middle of the exhibition, they found time for these emotional moments that went into the relationships of the characters. Jax and Stein also share a moment: Jax admits that he is angry mainly with Stein because he hates the idea of ​​losing the only father figure he ever had.

But, unfortunately, duty calls! Felicity and Iris receive an alert that the Nazis are attacking a corporation, so Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl are headed to their showdown with their Earth-X doppelgangers. And that is not the only unsettling revelation of the fight: it turns out that Oliver-X and Kara-X, whose ship landed in Nazi Germany instead of America, a turn in Superman's home story in Red Son are married (I wrote "EWWW" in my notes when they kissed for the first time, which was also Kara's reaction). And the Reverse Flash is actually Earth-1 Eobard Thawne, who decided to use the face of Harrison Wells for the shiggles (and probably because Matt Letscher was not available). How is Thawne alive? Time travel! Does that make sense since we saw him die in Legends of Tomorrow last season? No, not really! But who cares? I love seeing Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells. Finally, our Oliver surprises everyone, especially Kara, shooting an arrow of Kryptonite in Kara-X, reminding us that he is the Arrowman Batman because he is always ready. ( Next: Journey to the Earth-X )

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