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Summary of "Riverdale": End of season 3, "Survive the night"

Warning: the following publication contains spoilers for Wednesday Riverdale final.

the Riverdale the gang goes to their last year … but will they all survive to see the graduation?

The end of Season 3 on Wednesday, in which Penelope put Archie and her friends into an insane game of G & G with life and death bets, hit us with a shower of shocking moments like arrows from Cheryl's bow. Chic is alive, and the Gargoyle King! Penelope killed Hal! Alice and Polly "ascended" in the air along with Edgar and the Farmies! But Alice was working in secret … with Betty's brother, Charles, who is alive, and an FBI agent! (Charles is also Jughead's brother, remember … but do not think too much about that).

But the biggest surprise came last, with Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead sharing a shake toast at Pop & # 39; s and promising that their last year will not include solving any murder. Forward: spring break, with Archie, Betty and Veronica covered in blood and burning their clothes in a large bonfire in the woods. They promise never to talk about this again (whatever "this" is) … and Jughead is not in sight. In fact, Archie throws his friend's distinctive hat on fire. Whaaaat???

Naturally, we had a million questions after that ending, so TVLine approached Riverdale Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who shed some light on the many mysteries of the end. Read on for an explanation of that jockstrap without Jughead, Cheryl's unnatural bond with her dead brother Jason, and if we can say that Archie and Veronica are truly together again.

TVLINE | We got that smoothie toast, with the gang promising no more murder mysteries. But then we anticipate spring break, and something terrible has happened clearly, and Jughead is notoriously gone. How worried should we be about Jughead?
Very worried.

The[[Laughter]Very worried.

TVLINE | Is it what brought the great mystery of Season 4 to that moment in the forest?
Yes absolutely. Each year, we try to explore a different genre, or a different type of pulp or black rope. Next season, it's a kind of tribute to the novels we read while growing up, like Christopher Pike and Lois Duncan. [who wrote] I Know What You Did Last Summer Y Killing Mr. Griffin. I'm a big fan of Donna Tartt's novel. The secret history. So we wanted to explore a genre that focused on the school and the students, and that was what led to the flash-forward.

TVLINE | We also saw Chic return as the King of the Gargoyles, posing as Jason. Did you always plan to bring him back?
Yes, since we never saw his body …

The[[Laughter]We were in a way forced to bring Chic back. But we all really loved that character, and we love that actor. We were just discovering what was the best way to bring him back. It is funny: [Hart Denton, who plays Chic] He kept saying: "Are you really going to bring me back?" And I said: "Yes, wait, it's a couple of episodes more!" And we had it at the end.

TVLINE | Betty's father, Hal, is dead now … is not it? Can we trust that someone is really dead in this program?
That's a good question! I always say: "You never really know." But I do believe that Hal, finally, is really dead.

Riverdale Season 3 Finale Alice Edgar The FarmTVLINE | Betty also lost her mother Alice when she disappeared into the air along with Edgar and The Farm. Are we going to unravel that mystery next season too, possibly with the help of Charles?
Absolutely. I would say that we have played quite the story of The Farm. The only story that remains to be told is that Betty, Charles and Jughead have to get Alice out of where The Farm is hidden. That is something that we are going to address at the beginning of the season.

TVLINE | Cheryl ran away from The Farm, but now she has Jason's body propped up in her house, Psychopath-style. Has it completely gone from the deep end?
Yes and no. We were talking about this in the [writers’] room. Cheryl is a character that will always be defined by the loss of her brother and her love for her brother … and that's why she joined The Farm so easily. Someone allowed him to be in touch with his brother again. We really think that at the end of the season, would Cheryl put him back on the floor and say goodbye to him? Maybe not. Maybe she would delay him as much as possible. It's crazy. Sure, it's crazy. I think Jason is talking to her about the way Mrs. Bates talked to Norman? No, I do not think that.

TVLINE | Apart from all the things of life and death, we saw Archie and Veronica reconciled. Is it safe to say that they are a complete couple again?
I … I can not say that definitely.

TVLINE | Hiram was thrown into prison, but it is literally a prison that he himself made, with his name. So, is it still a force to be reckoned with?
Absolutely. In a strange way, Hiram is the king in his castle now. He is in his place in his power, so I do not think we've heard the last of him.

(For Aguirre-Sacasa's explanation of why Riverdale did not address the death of Luke Perry in season 3, click here.)

All right, Riverdale fanatics, it's your turn: assign a score at the end of this night in our survey. Do you have thoughts to share, too? Grab a stand in the comments.

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