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Summary of Minnesota Vikings week 14 rankings

Another week in the NFL season is in the books, and for the eighth consecutive week, the Minnesota Vikings scored more points than the team on the other side. The Vikings were among the top four of most Power Rankings on the Internet last week, but this week saw one of the few teams before losing a game when the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. [19659002] Would a loss by the Eagles result in another upward movement for the Vikings? Would they now be classified as the best team in the NFC? We are about to find out, since it is time for the week to pass around the interwebs and our Power Rankings Roundup.

MMQB, Sports Illustrated: # 2 (Last week: # 4)

No commentary focused on the Vikings of the MMQB this week .

SB Nation: # 2 (Last week: # 3)

No comments centered on the Vikings of SB Nation this week .

Associated Press: # 2 (Last week: # 3)

No comments centered on the Vikings from The Associated Press this week .

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk: # 3 (Last week: # 4)

When "win one"? more and we're going to believe that "it finally becomes" OK, do we believe "?

Elliot Harrison, NFL.com: # 3 (Last week: # 3)

For all those who complained last week that The Vikings also ranked # 3 (many were Steelers fans), I hope you saw that quality road in Atlanta, the Vikings defense did not produce a lot of catches and interceptions, but the unit defended solidly to the team and yielded only nine points (on three field goals) .Only highlight: the use of Pat Shurmur and Case Keenum of the runners, changing the offensive script on Sunday to the defending NFC champions, who did that to many opponents last season

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: # 3 (Last week: # 4)

Case Keenum continues to prove to be the perfect complementary quarterback for his dominant defense.

This week : in Panthers

ESPN: # 3 (Last week: # 5)

He did not hurt him, Dalvin Cook could have been the rookie to talk in Minnesota, but what about the Pat Elflein center? He has started the 12 games for the Vikings and leads all the rookies in plays made.

USA Today: # 3 (Last week: # 4)

It's the little things that Case Keenum does, as if no QB was harder to take out. He has dropped only nine times in 369 dropbacks (2.4%) this season.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: # 3 (Last week: # 4)

Case Keenum is playing exceptional football to go with that impressive defense. They face a tough road trip to Carolina this week.

Walter Cherepinsky, Walter Football: # 3 (Last week: # 3)

I still do not believe in Case Keenum, but I know what's going to happen. I will continue to say that Keenum will cost the Vikings each week, and Keenum will show me that I am wrong every week. Then, when the Vikings are 14-2 and heading to the playoffs, I'll finally admit that I was wrong about Keenum, just to see him score six points in a postseason loss. I guarantee you this will happen

Four more wins for Keenum before he finally starts buying it as the next Tom Brady! It's really going to happen. Also, is the concept so crazy? Brady, once upon a time, was a sixth round pick. In your first 10 starts of the opening season, if you told someone that Brady would end up winning more Super Bowl rings than Joe Montana, you would be locked in a mental ward.

Ugh. I'm telling you, the Vikings are going to exhaust my wallet in January, even more than what has already been negatively affected.

Chris Simms, Bleacher Report: # 3 (Last Week: # 3)

Hopefully, everyone realizes that this Vikings team is a legitimate contender for the Super Bowl. It is certainly checking all the boxes. Awesome defense? Check. Dynamic offense? Check. Strong game running? Check. Quality quarterback game? Check

If you do not think this team can already win the Super Bowl, you could give up and stop watching football. At least, look no further than the Vikings.

Minnesota has an extremely balanced offense. You can control the scrimmage line in advance and make big plays in the running game and in the pass game, and please shut up about bringing in Teddy Bridgewater. Case Keenum is playing great. He had some defeated play (only 227 yards) against the Falcons and was still 25-for-30 with two touchdowns and zero turnovers.

The Minnesota defense, as we know, is special. He closed the Atlanta air raid and managed to do it without looting Matt Ryan. That just tells you how special secondary coverage can be. Hell, Julio Jones only had 24 yards against him.

The Vikings are real, and they are one of the best teams in football.

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports: # 4 (Last week: # 4)

If Minnesota wins in Carolina on Sunday, a season of 14-2 seems like a big possibility. The Vikings play against Cincinnati, in Green Bay and against Chicago in their last three games. I think most people have not yet thought of the Vikings as a possible team of 14 wins yet.

Well, just last week a set of Power Rankings had the Minnesota Vikings out of the Top 4. This week, only one set has them out of the Top 3. Therefore, they are progressing upwards, very slightly. If you are scoring at home, there are three sets of rankings that have the Vikings as the second best team in the NFL, eight sets that have them as the third best, and only one that has them as the fourth best team.

Let's take a look at this week's trend chart, which can be completely embossed by clicking on it.

Man. . . Look at all those lines going to the top of the graph that way. It's not nice?

This week, the average ranking of the Vikings in our twelve datasets is 2,833 (repeating, of course). Can you believe that, after the loss to the Lions, the average rating of this team was less than 18 (18,167, to be exact), and that this team has not lost since then? That's quite a jump in the space of two months, and it is likely that this team has not advanced yet.

That's a look at the Power Rankings Summary for this week, folks. There is one more game on the way in this five-game "gauntlet" that the Vikings were looking for when they left the week off, and they have a real chance of finishing it off with a 5-0 record. Hopefully, we'll talk about how amazing it feels at this time next week when we do this again.

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