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Summary of “Fun & Games” with Spoilers

A boy makes his way through the lighthouse, buying, selling and trading. He is taken by a Kree.

Mack, Yo-Yo and Coulson discuss their current situation. Tess tells them that the Kree are going to harvest the children.

Enoch tells Fitz that the nobles are gathering for the Kasius event. He built a marauder alias for Fitz. Fitz sees Simmons serving the group.

Kasius looks at the crowd, noticing the unknown marauder. Sinara wants Kasius to watch him.

Fitz approaches Simmons and tries to talk to her, not realizing that he can not hear him. He asks her if she will marry him, but she does not respond. He flicks her arm and she turns and sees him for the first time just as Kasius walks behind them both. Fitz plays the role and manages to let Kasius listen to him. Then send Simmons to see what has been harvested for the harvest. The men of Kasius have been performing Terrigenesis on children to try to create new Inhumans to sell.

Tess explains that Kasius puts all 18-year-olds through Terrigenesis once a year. Now go early and take the younger children. She points to Flint, the boy who was buying and selling before. The Kree begin the process of Terrigenesis. Flint is covered in a cocoon. The cocoon explodes and Flint apparently falls apart. In truth, I-I drove him away.

Fitz sits down to dinner with Kasius and his other guests. One of the guests mentions that Kasius was exiled while his brother supervises the family empire. Kasius is on the defensive, insisting that he was sent to personally supervise his father's Earth project.

Tess and the others find Yo-Yo and Flint. They start a plant to request a drag race and take off.

Kasius begins the inhuman battles. Ben, the telepath, faces May. While they fight, Fitz investigates Kasius about his father. Before Ben can kill May, Fitz intervenes. He says the fight is boring and convinces Kasius to send May to the surface to die at the hands of the Virenexenians.

The Kree who performed the Terrigenesis ceremony finds Tess and asks about Flint. She plays her relationship with Flint as purely commercial.

Yo-Yo tells Flint how he discovered his powers. The whole group is found by Grill.

The guests of Kasius want to bid on Ben, but Kasius refuses. He reveals that Ben lied about who traveled in time with Daisy. He decides that Ben should be punished in his place. Sinara kills him.

Grill tells Coulson's group that May has been sent to the surface. He wants to know why none of them has metrics. Coulson tells Grill that they all came from the past to save the world as in prophecy. Grill just laughs at them. He plans to sell them all to Kasius.

Simmons meets Daisy. She is upset because Ben died to save their lives. Simmons and Daisy decide they need to make their own plan instead of waiting for Fitz to buy them.

Simmons leaves Daisy and meets Fitz, but she is taken away by another servant before they can speak.

Enoch finds Fitz and says they have a problem. Someone new has arrived to buy Daisy: Kasius's brother.

Flint tries to flee, but Grill hits him. Flint's powers begin to arrive and he begins to throw stones at Grill. He forms a large rock and hits Grill with it.

Fitz expresses his displeasure to Kasius, but Kasius does not mind. Enoch something happens to Fitz.

The brother of Kasius Fulmek arrives. He demands that Quake face Sinara for a demonstration. He agrees to let her fight until death.

Coulson and Mack find Tess murdered and hung in the main common area of ​​the Lighthouse, with a sign that says "bring" the Inhuman "into it.

Kasius Set up a shield between your viewing box and where Quake and Sinara will fight The battle begins Quake hits Sinara and beckons Fitz Fitz pulls a gun and lowers the shield Simmons cuts Kasius with a knife he took in the Kasius's brother re-lights the shield, they turn it off, Simmons and Fitz go back down and Fitz shoots the control to seal the shield Simmons asks Fitz to marry her and they and Daisy leaves.

Enoch disguises himself as Kree and makes his way to the surface.

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