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After the events of Tuesday This Is Us there will be no average for Leave in the mantle of the Pearson family this Christmas. We always knew that this could happen: the very nature of the foster care system wants to happen, bringing the children together with their parents, but the teen's departure is certainly a sad event for Randall, Beth and the girls. However, as we see towards the end of the autumn finale, it could also be a ray of hope for a child we are about to meet.

But before we get to a summary of "Number Three," let's talk for a second about how the last three episodes were shaken up before winter break, right? Of the trio, "Number Three" (which focused on Randall) and "Number Two" (Kate's time) have in common a renewed sense of hope as a result of a great loss. You leave these deliveries feeling that things are going to be fine, like Rebecca and Jack's children are using the lessons their parents taught them to move on the unpredictable, often heartbreaking way of being an adult and a father.

And then there's Kevin.

Pearson's older brother is not in a better position, in fact, it's considerably worse, at the end of autumn than when he was at the beginning of number one. He is drunk. He is desperate. And now he is being held for a DUI issued while one of the nieces is in the back seat. I really thought that Kevin could come out of his fall at the end of the three-episode arc, and now I'm going to spend the whole hiatus worrying that his day of calculation may still be several painful incidents.

And on that happy note, let's review the time.

 This Is Us Summary Episode 10 of Season 2 AMONG FRIENDS | Let's start the flashback first: Because we are focused on Randall, we accompany each other when he and Jack visit Howard University in Washington, DC. By the time they arrive at the campus of the historically black university, Randall is as happy. He opts for a private visit with his friend from his hometown, Keith, who is a current student of Howard, which leaves a Jack out of place to do his thing during the day. Keith introduces Randall to some of his friends, and they comment that it is strange but somewhat incredible to go from their high schools, where almost all of them are white, to Howard, where almost nobody does. Teen Randall is relaxed in a way we have not seen often, and it's sweet.

"I like it a lot, dad," he tells Jack on the way home. Jack is happy to hear it, but he mentions how at the beginning of the day, Randall hesitated before presenting him as his father. Randall explains that it is not because he is ashamed, but rather that what Jack feels is familiar territory for the teenager. "I feel that way all the time, not from you, but from everyone else, I've been like that since I was little," he says, and he explains it as "unbalanced." As everything is going to be a bit more complicated for me "

Jack is moved and brings his son to the Vietnam Veterans Wall in DC After Jack touches the wall, with wet eyes, he and Randall sit nearby while Jack remembers how he was recruited at age 25 and felt a similar imbalance when he returned home after the war. "Even your mother, she does not know what I really did, what I actually saw. It's too hard for everyone who was there, "he says." You will find your balance, Randall, and then you will lose it, and then you will find it again. That's the trip. "

Unfortunately, Jack's kind words that Randall is going to make spectacular decisions" because you're spectacular, son "(aww) are interrupted by Kate's page about Kevin's football injury. 19659005] SHAUNA'S SURPRISE | Randall is in his element now: getting ready for Thanksgiving and dad joking around the house. "Why did the iPad go to the dentist?" He asks Tess and Annie, who begin to roll their eyes even before dropping the phrase: "I had Bluetooth." Above, Deja is practicing her presentation on photosynthesis, the culmination of a project she has been working with Randall. When she says that the kids in her clbad will make fun of her for putting so much effort, he reminds her that "hard work is what gets you into the big house and the fancy car." She teases him for being cheesy, but he shines. in the light of your help and attention. (Note to margin: think about the difference between the first episode of Deja and now. Lyric Ross has proven to be quite an actress in this arc, right?)

But the warm moment between the teenager and his adoptive father is interrupted by a commotion outside: Deja's mother, Shauna, is in the doorway, arguing with Beth. The charges against Shauna have been dropped, and she has come to take her daughter home. When Beth and Randall object, Shauna becomes more and more angry, to the point that neighbors notice. But the only thing that calms her is when Deja goes down the stairs. "You know it does not work like that," says the girl, calmly. "We have to do it through the social worker." Eventually, Shauna leaves.

 This Is Us Recap Season 2 Episode 10 FIGHTS THAT COMBAT | When Linda The next day, Randall and Beth are surprised to hear that the social worker is going to recommend that Shauna get full custody of her daughter. "I need to remind both of you that this is exactly what they signed up for," Linda says tiredly, while the Pearsons mock what they perceive as injustice. And when they say that they are going to meet with their lawyer to see if they present accusations (housebreaking, threats) against Shauna, Linda maintains that they are making a mistake.

After leaving the children at school, and promising to let them be there to see their presentation that afternoon – Randall drives through Shauna's place. She is simply standing in front, showing a friend some clothes she has bought for her daughter, and that takes Randall off a little. Then he returns to a talk he had with William right after the shroom trip of the explosion / Thanksgiving booth last year, when William reveals that he actually followed Rebecca to the Pearsons' house after he abruptly finished his second meeting. And he almost goes to the door and introduces himself, imagining a life in which he could be a welcome guest at Randall's big events: birthdays, holidays, graduations and so on. But then he saw the bicycles of the Big Three, which had new license plates that said "Number 1", "Number 2" and "Number 3", which lay in the front yard. "A nickname that I do not know of a life that I had nothing to do with," sadly recalls William. "Just like that, I realized that everything was over … Who am I to insert myself into your life against your mother's wishes? Who was I?"

FAREWELL, LEAVE | And with that feeling reverberating in her mind, Randall meets Beth at Deja's school and says, "I do not think we can keep Deja from her mother." After a few minutes, and something from Randall rambling about about how Pac-Man is like Sisyphus, Beth with sad agreement. "I'm going to miss her," she says. "Me too," he responds.

 This Is Us Recap Season 2 Episode 10 Randall even receives a greeting during the presentation of Deja, which makes the separation even more difficult when Shauna returns to the house later that day. While Randall and Deja say goodbye, he tries to keep it clear – HE: "Who will call me when I'm being cheesy?" SHE: "Beth will." "HE: That's true." But she makes sure she knows exactly how she feels. "Just because I want to go home does not mean I do not like living with you," he says quietly. And while I applaud Randall's ability to hold him together despite being 100% on the verge of a sob, when Deja tells him he can hold her, he loses the battle. They hug, and he cries openly when he gets in the car and leaves.

UNCLE KEVIN MAKES ONE BAD THING | After that, things happen quickly. Kevin calls and says he's on his way. Rebecca calls and tells Randall about Kate's miscarriage. Then Kev appears, red-eyed as always, and does not waste time using a screwdriver. Kev starts calling Kate, saying he will when he is closer, then ghosts after greeting Tess and Annie.

But Kevin does not realize why he's drunk, driving down the road is that Tess has hidden in the back of his uncle's car in an attempt to spend more time with him. And when he is arrested for reckless driving, he is arrested. The police call Beth and Randall, who are more than crazy, and it does not look very good for Uncle Kev.

But let's finish with a happier note: before, when Beth changes the sheets in Deja's old room, she and Randall decide that they will definitely continue to raise children, "even if it means losing them again". Randall continues thinking that "there is another child who needs us … maybe a child this time". And in an office somewhere, we see a woman rebaduring a child that "we are working hard to find a home". Is this the next Pearson family addition?

Now I give it to you: What? Did you think of "Number Three?" Give comments!

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