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Summary of & # 39; This Is Us & # 39 ;: Another ominous clue about Jack’s death

Hoo guys, guys. Did you also cheat yourself with the deceptively lighter tone of this episode of "This Is Us"? I feel your pain.

First, a brief summary of what came before: Everyone threw a lot of emotional stuff during Kevin's family therapy session in rehab. The accusations were leveled, refuted and finally accepted. An uncomfortable peace was achieved. There were chips with cheese and beer.

And now, onwards. If you're not stuck on "This Is Us", look away: down there are spoilers!

Otherwise, take your portion of Sbarro and a glass of champagne so we can serve "Clooney"! [19659005] Present Day …

Remember Clooney, William's cat? Have you ever wondered where he went? This episode is for you!

It's like a small piece of William that has survived. A little hairy piece, ugly as sin, no doubt, now wanders the streets, and boys, if a cat can strut, that cat strut.

But first, let's see with the Pearsons.

Kevin goes rehab, with Barbara warning him not to return to Hollywood early. Kevin agrees, then he's going to stay with his mother, and Miguel, whom he refers to as "a small problem", and see, right there, Kev? Somehow I want to slap you.

Rebecca is delighted to have him at home. She has filled the fridge with all her favorite healthy foods. And Kevin responds: "I'm completely out of those things and now I'm eating sugar." And the slapping impulse – man, I'm fighting, I promise.

At the grocery store, Kevin acts like an idiot towards Miguel. No, for once, smile and hold on. He says he is there to protect his wife from more emotional bombs that her eldest son decides to throw at her. Kevin protests that his mother does not need any protection from him, he is her son!

"I am her husband," says Miguel.

"My dad was her husband," Kevin responds with a snort.

Miguel smiles hard and walks away, while I resist the boos Nos. 3 and 4. Kevin two, you're in my last courage, son.

Later, Kevin apologizes to Miguel and finally asks the question that I think he has been swallowing for years: Was M? Was he in love with Rebecca when Jack was alive? No, sir, says Miguel. That was not a start. It would have been impossible. But you better think he is here now.

Meanwhile, Randall goes to William's old building to pick up a box of his father's belongings from a man named Lloyd. He cared for Clooney, but the cat took off a few weeks ago, Lloyd says.

Randall looks at the items in the box, especially a composition book full of poems, including one in which we hear William's voice. It is dedicated to a neighbor "Señora". There are also sketches of parts of a woman's face: eyes, the curve of a chin and a cheek, fleshy lips …

Randall has nine types of intrigue! But when he appears in Beth's office to tell him about this new mystery, he makes it clear that he is not interested in playing the detective. She admits that she is deeply dissatisfied with her own work, feels helpless and ineffective, unable to make any kind of significant change in people's lives, but maybe if Randall is employed again, it will help both of them to get back on track.

So Randall goes to the interview, but he's clearly not excited about this cellulose, something … something … all of you, I do not even know. I do not blame him.

He's so bored that he excuses himself halfway through the interview to get a call from Lloyd. Lloyd, who is EVERYTHING about gossip, tells Randall that his father used to come in and out of the Super apartment at all hours. Maybe she's the Lady?

Randall goes to see the super, who gets the best line of the episode: "When [William] moved, man, the building felt it, you know? It was like we lost a heart, and there was no place for the blood was out. "Oof. Yes, we know it.

She says that she and William actually went around all the time, with William haranguing her to fix all the wrong things in the building, and she reminded him that he had no money for repairs.

She takes him to William's old apartment and urges him to take a look. We hear William recite the poem "Lady", while Randall looks out the window to see a mural of the Lady in question.

The famous Lady Day, Billie Holiday. Mystery solved.

Finally, let's talk to Kate, who is in her weight loss support group, confessing her sins and admitting her fears about buying a dress. It's going to be an obstacle, he says.

Thin Madison surprises us all by offering to take Kate to buy dresses. He swears they will drink champagne and let the staff treat Kate like a princess. She will not even have to prove anything. "Let me help you clear this obstacle," he pleads, and you, I do not know what kind of sorcery this is, but like that, Madison is my favorite character for the episode.