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Summary of & # 39; La Voz & # 39 ;: The 10 best sing by the vote of the United States

The 10 best artists of season 13 performed live on The Voice on Monday night. It is a week of double elimination, so the pressure was activated. Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson helped their artists prepare for the high-risk afternoon. Davon Fleming of the JHud team started the show with a performance of "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera. Fleming used his faith to connect with the lyrics and pronounced a strong interpretation of the song. He has one of the best voices in the competition, and his intuition and talent were on display tonight. He got a shoe from his trainer, and Levine called it the real deal.

Adam Cunningham of the Adam team was the next, and decided to lean on the roots of his country this week. His "Maybe It Was Memphis" performance was fun, and it was the right decision to try something a little different from what he's been doing, because Cunningham stayed in the last two for the last two weeks. Levine thought the performance was good enough for Cunningham to survive the week. But two artists will go home tomorrow night, and although Cunningham did well, he did not really stand out.

The JHud team returned to the fray with a performance by Noah Mac. He sang "Ordinary World" for Duran Duran. He took the reins of his own accord, produced himself and left little work for Hudson. Mac has always had complex and unique performances that help him stand out and show off his production skills. Tonight was no exception. While he is not necessarily the strongest vocalist in the program, he is the best at drawing up a performance and organizing covers. The performance tonight was fresh and captivating. Cyrus said it was magical. Shi & Ann Jones, also of the JHud team, continued with a performance of "Diamonds" by Rihanna .

It was a big improvement over last week's performance, and it was a great song choice for her. Jones showed his unique tone and gave an emotionally resonant interpretation. After Shelton and former coach Gwen Stefani performed their new song "You Make It Feel Like Christmas", Blake's Chloe Kohanski sang "Call Me" for Blondie. It was not one of his most exciting performances, but it was solid. Choosing such an iconic song is a way to connect with the viewers, but the song does not have much momentum, and Kohanski's version sounded exactly like the original.

Keisha Renee of the Blake team, on the other hand, sang [All By Myself, de Celine Dion] and she made it her own. She played the high notes with ease, and her interpretation of the lyrics was strong, which resulted in a powerful and emotional performance. She blew all the coaches and made a convincing case for her own advance in the competition.

Ashland Craft of the Miley team chose to sing "I hate myself for loving you" by Joan Jett and put her own country tour on the rock song. It was a great choice, allowing Craft to show who she is as an artist and put her own touch on a hit. Craft's voice was not perfect, but it seemed safe on stage, and the arrangement was interesting. Hudson called her a star. Brooke Simpson of Miley's team chose to sing "Amazing Grace", and she gave an emotional and beautiful interpretation. Gospel songs tend to be good for the viewers. His performance was discreet, which worked in his favor. It was simple and elegant.

Red Marlow from Team Blake was next to sing "That's what I love about Sunday." Marlow is a stronger narrator than a vocalist, but he seems to be connected to Team Blake's country base. He gave the same performance he always gives. Shelton said his storytelling skills will keep him in the competition.

The last performance of the night came from Addison Agen of the Adam team. She chose to sing "Lucky" for Britney Spears contributing her own artistic talent. It was an amazing song choice, but she offered a memorable and impressive performance that highlighted all her strengths. Given Cunningham's constant failure to connect with viewers, Agen remains Levine's best option to win the season. Tomorrow night, the three lower ones will sing for the instant save, and two artists will go home. Who received your vote tonight?

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