Suggestions in the latest iOS code point to new iPads, iPad Mini, iPod Touch


If you create the code recently unearthed in iOS 12.2, Apple has a good path to hardware for 2019: the new iPad models are apparently on their way (perhaps including a new iPad Mini model), and we could even see a new iPod Touch too. .

A lot of this is still speculation, and try to fit what iOS 12.2 says with previous rumors, but what we know with certainty (through Steve Troughton-Smith) is that the code refers to four iPads that do not seem to match any current model. The reference "iPod9.1" is the one that could point to a new iPod Touch.

Interestingly, none of these listed models seems to be compatible with Face ID, suggesting that the old Touch ID design could be online for a last hurray in 2019, before Apple moves all of its devices to the new facial recognition system.

Apple's forgotten devices

Add some regulatory documents that appeared at the beginning of the day, and it seems a good bet that Apple does have a new batch of iPads on the way. The iPad Mini has not been updated for a long time, but Apple's entry-level 9.7-inch iPad is less than a year old.

If Touch ID will remain in place, these are likely to be lower-cost iPads that do not bother iPad professionals (the most recent ones were updated in October). When it comes to the new iPad Mini, we have already seen filtered images that suggest that the iPad Mini 5 will look a lot like the iPad Mini 4, although it is expected that internal improvements are made.

As for the iPod Touch, four years have pbaded since Apple launched a new model, it could be a way in which the company is trying to compensate for the slowdown in iPhone sales. Expect more rumors and leaks to appear in the coming months.

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