Subtitle Contest: What do you think Tim Cook is showing to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his iPhone X in this image?

As we reported this morning, Tim Cook was present at the Fortune Forum in China this week, defending some of Apple's actions in the country. Also attended by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who shared the photo above of Tim Cook showing the iPhone X.

We have to ask: What do you think Tim Cook is showing Trudeau in this photo?

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In the tweet that accompanies the image, Trudeau says he talked to Cook about how the two can work together to get more women and girls in STEM and learn to code, something that Cook He has spoken on numerous occasions in the past.

"It was great to meet with Apple's Tim Cook at the Fortune Global Forum to talk about how we can get more women and girls in STEM and learn how to program, also thanks to the demonstration of the product."

During In his interview at the Fortune Forum in China, Cook addressed Apple's role in China and said that the company expects China to loosen its control over certain things on the Internet, such as the VPN applications that Apple was forced to eliminate at the beginning of this year.

hope over time is that some of the things, the couple of things that have been removed, come back. I have great hope and great optimism about that, "said Cook, adding that he always tries to find areas to work together and if they criticize him for that, so be it.

What do you think Cook and Trudeau are? in the above image? It should be noted that they seem to be looking back, the device … sound in the comments.

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