Study of South African Coronavirus Strain Concerns about Immune Response

Johannesburg – Three new laboratory studies are expressing concerns that immune responses arising from Kovid-19 infection or vaccination may be less effective in protecting against the new strain of coronovirus that first appeared in South Africa.

The findings come from experiments conducted in the laboratory and only look at some elements of the body’s immune response. Nevertheless, they reinforce the possibility that vaccine-makers and regulators will have to update the Kovid-19 vaccines as the virus develops.

A fourth study conducted by scientists at Biotech SE and Pfizer Inc. and published by companies showed that their vaccine successfully neutralized a variant that was initially discovered in the UK that the study did not include the South African strain .

The UK version has already spread to many other countries including the US

For more than a year in the epidemic, the discovery of new variants that appear to make the virus more contagious is forcing researchers to adapt their understanding of the cornivirus that causes Kovid-19. Of concern, researchers have said that new strains are emerging in countries where a significant percentage of people have produced an immune response to earlier variants after receiving Kovid-19.


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