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Students react after Nikolas Cruz’s brother is arrested, accused of illegally entering Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Zachary Cruz, the brother of the man who killed 17 students and the staff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was arrested Monday on charges of illegally entering Parkland school, authorities said.

The Broward Sheriff's Office said Zachary, 18, rode his skateboard at 4:30 p.m. on the other side of the campus, where his older brother, Nikolas Cruz, set out to shoot with an AR-15 rifle.

Zachary Cruz told the deputies that he visited the school "to reflect on the shooting in the school and to submerge", according to the arrest report. The school authorities had warned him to stay away from the school.

"Cruz surpassed all closed doors and doors" to reach the campus, according to the arrest report. It was after school hours. The school day ends at 2:40 pm

Although he was jailed on bail for only $ 25, a hearing was scheduled on Tuesday afternoon, a prison official said.

Early on Tuesday, after the incident, a helicopter from the Broward Sheriff's Office was circling Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while the students They prepared for the school day.

Some of those who went to the classes had a mixed reaction to the news that the shooter's brother had been found on campus. [19659002] "That's crazy," said Josef Bagiv, 16, a junior. "I just miss."

But John Mansfield, 17, also a junior, said he could understand.

"It might seem insensitive to some," he said. "I think he's trying to understand like everyone else."

Conner Gandy, 17, senior, sa The 18-year-old brother should have warned at least people before it appeared.

"It's strange and suspicious, but I do not think he does anything."

If something happened, the intruder was the first suspect, he said.

Knowing how depressed he must be, just showing up, "scares everyone," he said.

Currently, at the school, the Pine Island Road bus circuit gate is closed to pedestrians and walkers have to enter through the front door.

An unmarked BSO car parked in front of the median on Pine Island was a new addition on Tuesday to the school's new standard since it reopened after the shooting.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, confessed to the school shooting on February 14 and faces the death penalty for the murder of 17 and the attempted murder of 17 others.

The Broward Superintendent of Schools, Robert Runcie, said that the doors of the school are open after hours so that students can enter and leave after-school activities. During school hours the doors are closed, said Runcie.

"It was not a breach of security," he said.

The young Cruz spent less than 10 minutes on campus after entering through the north gate on Holmberg Road, the same door his brother entered on the Day of the shooting and went out through a door near the main entrance on Pine Island Road, Runcie said.

"It's kind of weird, and I understand that it drags people," Runcie said. 19659002] A staff member recognized Zachary Cruz and immediately called the sheriff's office, he said.

"It's remarkable that they could identify him immediately," Runcie said.

Zachary Cruz has been living with a family friend, Rocxanne Deschamps, in Lantana since his mother's death in November. [19659002] "I do not want to be alive, I do not want to deal with this," Zachary Cruz told Deschamps the night of the shooting, according to a report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Two days after the shooting Zachary Cruz told a deputy that he felt "somewhat responsible and guilty for the incident and that he could possibly have avoided [it]," the report said. He also told the deputy that "he does not understand why his brother would have done this".

Zachary Cruz currently has no ties to Broward County, the arrest report said.

The Cruz brothers were adopted when Lynda and Roger Cruz were born to the same mother. The couple had arranged private adoptions through a lawyer.

Roger Cruz suffered a heart attack and died when the children were very young. Lynda Cruz was hospitalized with pneumonia and died in November.

Throughout his childhood, Nikolas Cruz was diagnosed with a series of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity , emotional disability and autism, records of the State Department of Children. and Families show. His mother told the deputies that she also had problems with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anger.

In January 2017, shortly after Cruz inexplicably failed to undergo mental health treatment, Lynda Cruz sold the expansive family home in Parkland, and the trio moved to a smaller condominium.

Nikolas Cruz assaulted someone at Stoneman Douglas that month and was expelled shortly after.

Zachary told the Palm Beach County Sheriff Iff officials that "he and his friends, when they were younger, had intimidated Nikolas, which he now regrets having ever done," says the agency's report . The deputy wrote that "Zachary wishes he had been" kinder "to his brother" and that there may be resentment between the two "since Nikolas may have been the favorite brother".

When Nikolas Cruz appeared handcuffed and handcuffed before a judge at an indictment hearing last week, his younger brother was sitting in court. A tear slid down Zachary Cruz's cheek.

Editors Anne Geggis and Scott Travis contributed to this report.

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