Stuck for 2 weeks, 11 workers rescued from China’s gold mine

BEIJING (AP) – Eleven workers stranded for two weeks were safely brought to the surface on Sunday by an explosion inside a Chinese gold mine.

State broadcaster CCTV saw workers in baskets one by one on Sunday afternoon, with their eyes shielded to protect them in the darkness of so many days.

On 10 January, a laborer was killed after an explosion caused large amounts of debris to accumulate in the shaft, while the mine is still under construction.

The fate of 10 others who were underground at the time is unknown. Authorities have detained the mine managers for delay in reporting the accident.

The official China Daily stated on its website that seven activists were able to walk to ambulances on their own.

State broadcaster CCTV showed several ambulances parked with engineering vehicles at the mine in Qixia in a jurisdiction under Yantai in Shandong province.

An increase in supervision has improved safety in China’s mining industry, which used to cause an average of 5,000 deaths per year. However, there has been a steady decrease in demand for coal and precious metals, and last year 39 miners died in two accidents in Chongqing.


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