Stroke takes shock maiden pole in crazy qualifying

The session was interrupted with Q1 suspended for approximately 45 minutes after accelerating after 10 minutes, and it was quickly red-flagged for the second time when it was going again when Romain Grosgen Turn 1 Got stuck in Gravel after spinning in his hase.

Verstappen led extensively throughout the season, with Esteban Ocon spending a long Q1 delay after impressing during the opening race as he was caught by the Q3 switch from w3 to intermediate.

The Red Bull driver’s first Q3 lap was 1m52.326, which was more than two seconds slower than Verstepen, went into the top 2, but he went massively faster with two opening purple spheres on his next lap. having had.

But Sergio Perez left Verstappen after driving the P1 using a green-walled intersection with 1m52.037, and so Verstappen came to pick up that tire.

But although he found time at the end of Q3 at Weerstappen, he was not in command as he had been before, with Perez and Racing Point suddenly finding pole favorites.

But Perez, who was on his next lap after forfeiting P1, was eventually relegated to third place after a stroke, which was quickly staked in Q3 in a different approach to his teammates, Put forward to increase to 1m.7.765.

Verstappen had to find a way in front of Kimi Raikkonen’s Alfa Romeo before the final race, where he climbed from third to second, but was injured by 0.29 behind the stroke.

Alex Albon finished fourth in second Red Bull ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, who was on wet tires throughout Q3.

Lewis Hamilton was Mercedes’ lead Mercedes in the sixth, finishing the entire season behind teammate Valtteri Bottas, who lasted until Q3 and during his opening hiatus last season.

But after Mercedes called their drivers to the intersection, Hamilton was able to improve further, as Bottas set a personal best on his final run but still finished in the ninth.

Okon and Raikkonen ended up ahead of the second Mercedes, with Antonio Giovinazzi dropping out of the top 10.

The Q2 ran seamlessly throughout, with drivers taking a chunk of time with each lap.

Verstappen led the way, almost two seconds clear of someone else, while Alfa Romeo cars reached Q3 for the first time in 2020.

All the finished runners set personal bests in their final hiatus, but they could not improve enough in the P11 headed by Lando Norris.

Norris and teammate Carlos Sainz raced along the crossroads at the start of Q2, but were at stake ahead of their final runs.

This took them to within the two-minute mark, but they were still big chunks behind the top 10 cutoffs, as Norris finished about 0.7% slower than Ricardo.

Sebastian Vettel split the McLearns in the 12th, Charles Lecler also out in Q2 in the 14th, despite his strong pace in dry practice sessions on Friday and his P2 in FP3.

Pierre Gasly knelt down to make fresh bets despite his late arrival in the pits of AlfaToury at P15, while Sainz faced a post-qualifying investigation after possibly overthrowing Perez during a run in Q2.

In Q1, Kevin Magnesen was eliminated in the 16th as he was caught behind a number of incidents after the second red flag, one of which was spinning Daniel Kiwat on Turn 3, allowing him to escape the opening section because He had complained about poor visibility.

Kivett therefore overtook George Russell in the 17th, who lost time while running back to back-to-back events – the second of which was Nicholas Latifi who came out of the top at the age of 8 and was Left Williams on the beach in the gravel. outside.

Russell will leave parts of his replacement power unit to do the back of the field, giving Grosjean and Latifi a boost from P19 and P20 each.

Verstappen and Albon led Q1 within just two minutes – as they held onto the head of the field after the second restart, ahead of two events in their wake.

Kewett’s spin and all the intervals completed by drivers flying to Latifi’s beach Williams will be examined after the session, which may yet change the order for the grid.

There was also a strange incident at the beginning of Q2, where Latiffi’s Williams was allowed to run the session despite being still frantic.

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