Street Fighter V’s Dan Hibiki turns T-bagging into teasing

Never without words

The legend has returned. Today sees the arrival of the Saikyo Style Master, Dan Hibiki, who makes his return to the Street Fighter franchise as the first character of SFVFifth and final season of content. Capcom has released a launch trailer to remind the world, as if the world needed a reminder, of Hibiki’s incredible prowess in martial arts.

In related news, SFV Players who have already been fortunate enough to step into the ring with Dan are already finding some interesting secrets. As @discovigilante pointed outIt seems like Hibiki-san is bringing her love of teasing to the ring like never before, and will strike a pose and verbal boast every time a player repeatedly ducks down – conveniently the disrespectful “T-Bag” maneuver. It seems that in true Saikyo style, Dan’s unsuspecting players are unlikely to make it to STFU, but honestly, Hibiki-san wouldn’t make it any other way.

Along with the arrival of Dan, Season 5 adds a new balance update, as well as the addition of the new “V-Shift” mechanic. At the price of a V-Gauge bar, fighters will now be able to perform an invincible backdash, useful for relieving blockchain pressure or provoking a special from an opponent. This new technique should offer a bit more defensive options, something that has always been lacking in the offensive heavyweight fighter.

Season V will continue throughout 2021, adding DLC ​​characters Rose, Gold, Rival schools‘Akira, and a fifth character whose identity has yet to be revealed. Also joining the list is the strange shape-shifting blob known as Eleven, which takes on the appearance and movement set of a SFV character for each round, testing the skills of any Street fighter v expert.


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