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Better brew a number of pots of espresso if you are going to chase Okikurume’s world file for a 100% completion in Nintendo’s open-world Mario title.

Super Mario Odyssey

How lengthy does it take to gather each moon in Super Mario Odyssey? Better filter your schedule for the day should you’re trying to binge your strategy to 999 moons in Nintendo’s chart-topping Mario journey, which offered greater than two million copies in its first week.

As Kotaku stories, streamer Okikurume lately spent somewhat over 17 consecutive hours blasting via a “100% run” of the sport, securing a world file—in the interim. In this particular speedrunner clbad, Okikurume had a number of robust gadgets on his guidelines to finish: gathering each energy star within the recreation, each hat, each costume, each memento, seize the entire recreation’s 52 totally different enemy sorts, and accumulate 82 totally different songs. Oof.

You can watch Okikurume’s whole 17-hour, 20-minute run on Twitch proper now, however we warn that components of it are going to really feel somewhat boring. Since he has to finish the sport—not simply beat it shortly—he cannot simply glitch his well past sure bosses or ranges. Instead, Okikurume spends loads of time grinding for cash, since among the recreation’s energy stars must be bought, not discovered.

To maximize his coin consumption, Okikurume spent a number of hours repeatedly beating a bonus stage that netted him simply round 180 cash per run. Since he wanted round 33,000 complete cash for the “100% run,” that is loads of grinding—and never the stream’s most fascinating moments, for certain.

After all that effort, it is doubtless that Okikurume’s efforts aren’t going to take a seat within the high spot for very lengthy. In an e-mail to Kotaku, Okikurume explains that his “100% run” was principally simply primarily based on his expertise enjoying the sport, fairly than particular optimizations designed to realize the bottom time attainable.

“Run didn’t have a route and was based on previous experiences and that the potential for the category is way, way, way lower. There’s people working on routes at the moment for it but I wanted to see how it would go just based off my previous experiences for fun,” he advised Kotaku.

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