Streamer illegally broadcast a PPV fight pretending to play UFC 3 –

Streamer illegally broadcast a PPV fight pretending to play UFC 3


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A Twitch streamer managed to broadcast a whole UFC pay-per-event bout across the platform over the weekend.AJ Lester managed dodge Twitch's moderation of illegally transmitted live sporting events pretending he was playing EA UFC 3.

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Saturday night saw the UFC 218 broadcast The main event is the fight between UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and challenger José Aldo.In a tweet that contains a clip of Lester's transmission, the two can be seen looking out, accompanied by Lester , driver in hand, in the lower right corner.

How did he pretend to play a ufc fight to avoid getting copyrighted LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

– Aaron (@TheRealSMA) December 3, 2017

To make his farce more credible, Lester even accompanied his & # 39; game & # 39; with sound effects. At one point he even calls himself not to block an attack.

Since the tweet in which he appeared was viral, Lester has eliminated the VOD from the fight. But in a follow-up broadcast, he said he had not heard from Twitch, the UFC or any other authority in that regard. Lester, however, found some success in his efforts; his track count, which he says has been stagnant at 2,000 for several years, has more than doubled since Saturday night, and now has reached almost 5,000.

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