Streakbusters: Cleveland’s Indians end the eight-game streak by defeating the Detroit Tigers 10-3

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Indians dropped anchor at Comerica Park on Thursday night.

They were surrounded and beaten by strong winds and heavy seas, not to mention an eight-game losing streak. But Comerica Park was more than just a harbor for the Indians in the storm. This was their safe harbor.

What could be a better place for him to end his longest losing streak since 2012? What better way to do it?

The Indians sent Shane Bieber to Jose Ramirez in the mound box and let him loose. When it was over the Indians defeated the Tigers, 10–3, with only 10 games in the coronovirus-shortened season to regain their momentum for the postseason.

A favorite to win AL Cy Young, Bieber (8-1, 1.74) gave up three runs in 7 2/3 innings. He scored 10 runs and scored two runs. Bieber scored just three runs on a three-run homer with two in the eighth by former Tribe Minor Leggie Willie Castro.

In 11 starts, Bieber leads the big league with 116 strikes in 74 1/3 innings. He has hit eight or more batsmen in every start and has made 10 or more starts in seven. It is the second-longest streak by a pitcher in MLB history to open a season with eight or more strikes.

Acting manager Sandy Alomar checked out Beeb by going to the mound with two in the eighth. The Indians were leading 10–0 and Bieber was on 114 pitches. Alomar let Bieber stay, but Cam Hill was relieved after Castro left.

Bieber threw a season-high 118 pitches, 74 for strikes. This matched his longest start of the season.

“Sandy said to me,” If I let you take this guy, you can go to about 120 pitches, so you’d better get him, “Bieber said. “I said, of course. It did not play that way. Baseball is baseball. This is disturbing. But at the end of the day we fixed the ship and that was the most important. We’ve got a W and it’s on the next one. “

Ramirez celebrated his 28th birthday in style. He gave birth to his first two at-bats of Casey Mick (0-2, 6.08), the Tigers’ top pitching prospect. He then added a double as a part of the seventh inning and a single in the eighth, helping the Indians secure their first win after the sept. 7. Ramirez went 4-for-5 with two homers and four RBIs.

The third baseman to switch-off is batting. He has 13 homers and 32 RBIs for the 276 season. He is hitting .30 (103-for-312) against the Tigers in his career with 17 homers and 68 RBI.

“First of all Happy Birthday to Jose Ramirez,” said Alomar. He said, “They celebrated in a splendid manner. . For some reason he hits very well here. It has nothing to do with atomizer. Mick has a lot of good stuff, but Jose was able to pick up immediately after the ball. “

The Indians are 4–0 at Comixica Park this season and 63–19 against the Tigers since 2016. This year Bieber is 2–0 against Detroit and 5–1 in his career.

Ramirez gave the Indians a 1-0 lead with a two-out homer in the first. He hit the right field seats from a 2–1 pitch. He made his fourth inning to open the innings after a single flop by Cesar Hernandez. This time Ramirez hit a 3-2 pitch on the right field seats for a 3-0 lead.

During their eight-game losing streak, in which they finished sixth from a first-place tie at AL Central, by six games at third-place pace, the Indians were outscored 49-24. It was the famine side of Indians’ feast or famine crime. Indians ate well on Thursday night.

“It feels great, about to end the losing streak,” said Alomar. I am not saying that we were far from winning the game. A lot of games were close, game grinding. We did not have crime in some of them. In others our bullpen could not sustain it.

“The last eight or nine days have not been great, but people keep fighting every day. that’s what matters. You fight and fight and then you get a game. Hope this relaxes everyone and we can go about our business the right way. “

Frugal Reyes, who was struggling in a 5-42 skid before the series, scored two in a three-run seventh. He was just the second and third RBI for Reyes in the last 13 matches. Like Ramirez, Reyes likes to face the Tigers. He came into Thursday’s game hitting .348 (8-for-23) with four homers and nine RBIs against Detroit this season.

Bieber, combined with Hill on a four-hitter, felt the Indians pressed the losing streak well.

“Everyone in this clubhouse is probably young, but we’re very mature, at least in our thought process,” Bieber said. “We know that the more pressure we put on ourselves, it generally doesn’t work that way. Today we’re working as a target. It was to win.

“It would be nice to go to the postsen with some speed and that’s what we’re working on.” A lot of good teams make it, but a lot of hot teams win it. If we can go now I think we will be in a good place. ”


The Indians sent RHP Zach Placek (3-2, 2.20) against the Tigers and right-hander Michael Fulmer (0-2, 9.27) at 7:10 pm on Friday night. Sports Time will take over Ohio, WTAM and WMMS Sports.

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