Straphanger urinates on an Asian woman in the New York subway

A man urinated on an Asian woman aboard a Queens-bound subway train over the weekend, police said Monday.

The disgusting act unfolded around 1:30 p.m. Saturday when the scoundrel pulled out his penis on an F train and began to relieve himself, according to police.

The horrified woman, who is in her 20s, got off the train, but the man then turned and began urinating on the subway seat next to her, splashing her with urine, police said.

“He started to stand very close to me and I started to feel uncomfortable,” the woman told the AsianFeed blog. “So I slid to my right and noticed that his penis was pointing at me and there was urine in my bag and jacket.”

She said the two made eye contact, but the man remained speechless.

The man got off the train at 75th Ave.

“I just said one thing, ‘Are you serious ?!’” he recalled. “As I looked around, none of the passersby said or did anything.”

The man got off at the 75th Avenue stop and drove away, according to police.

The victim managed to take a photo of the pervert, showing him dressed in black with a mask on his nose. He also took photos of the wet floor and seat of the train.

She told the store that another hanger took a video of the incident and sent it to her.

“From the viewer’s angle in the video, you can’t tell what the man was doing,” he said. “He, like, he projected his penis at me.”

The incident, which comes amid a surge in violence against Asians, is not currently classified as a hate crime, police said.


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