‘Stranger Things’: Millie Bobby Brown Rap-Recaps Season One


Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown served up a Halloween night primer on the hit Netflix series when she delivered a rap recap of its first season on The Tonight Show.

“I have to do a recap of Season One so people can watch Season Two and know what they’re talking about,” Brown told Jimmy Fallon before the Roots dropped a beat.

“Let’s go back to Indiana, circa Nineteen Eighty-Three/ Just four boys in the basement chillin’ playin’ D&D/ There was Lucas there was Willy Will and Dustin, there was Mike/ But one night Will goes missing while he’s riding on his bike – yikes,” Brown summarizes.

Brown then deftly rattles off the other significant moments in Stranger Things Season One, to her character Eleven in the Upside Down to the missing Barb.

“All I need is my Eggo waffles, I’m in love with those/ What I’m left with when I use my powers is a bloody nose,” she raps in conclusion.

This isn’t the first time Brown has unleashed her rap skills on Fallon: In September 2016, the actress recited a near-perfect rendition of Nicki Minaj’s legendary verse from Kanye West’s “Monster.”

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