Strange Twitter problem suspends users for saying “Memphis”

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Screenshot: Twitter / Gizmodo

Due to a strange error, the bird site temporarily bans people from tweeting the word “Memphis.” On Sunday, several Twitter users I suddenly found their accounts locked for 12 hours, apparently just for saying the word, myself included.

What Twitter has against Tennessee’s second-largest city is anyone’s guess. Maybe they just aren’t great Elvis fans? Who knows.

Several users shared screenshots of the suspension alerts They received it on Sunday, claiming that the word that caused the problem was “Memphis.” Many discovered the mistake after sharing a photo of Dutch professional footballer Memphis Depay, The independent reports. In an apparent reference to this, the official English account of the French football club Olympique Lyonnais tweeted a photo of Depay along with the message “can we talk about him now?” and tagged Twitter. The Tennessee-based basketball team, the Memphis Grizzlies, also appeared to yell at the error in a tweet referring to “the m word” on Sunday.

One user shared an alleged screenshot of a response from Twitter Support calling the problem “an error within our system” without further explanation, but it appears that the original tweet has been removed because it does not appear in the responses from Twitter Support.

“This has now been fixed and you can say ‘Memphis’ again. Sorry, ”says the message.

A Twitter spokesperson also provided Gizmodo with the following statement: “The issue referenced was the result of a bug and has since been resolved.”

However, if it’s true, it doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. Twitter did not let me log back into my account until I deleted my “Memphis” tweet and even then various functions are still limited. Trying to Tweet or Retweet anything generates an alert, shown below, that my account will be mostly down for the next 12 hours. We reached out to Twitter for further clarification.

Illustration for an article titled Twitter banned me for saying the & # 39;  M & # 39;  Word: Memphis

Screenshot: Twitter / Gizmodo

Not that I’m complaining, really. A 12 hour break from this hell sounds like a vacation.

Whatever this bug is, it can only affect us proles without blue checks, like Twitter does not seem to mark my verified co-worker’s tweets containing the word. Images or image descriptions the word “Memphis” also doesn’t seem to trip over Twitter’s banning hammer.

It’s a certain irony to see Twitter’s swift crackdown on the word “Memphis” after years of fighting to moderate the rampant abuse and intolerance on your platform. But that’s Twitter for you: an online paradise for literal nazis But God forbid you tweet about the birthplace of rock ‘n roll.


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