Stop thinking about epidemic winners and start looking for stock market survivors, says the fund manager

Way back way?

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11% in the third quarter and 24% to date, Nasdaq Composite Comp,
+ 0.74%
It remains difficult to defeat for 2020, thanks to stocks during the epidemic, such as Apple AAPL,
+ 1.50%
+ 0.12%.

Our Phone of the day From Phil Orlando, Federated Herms’ chief equity market strategist, it’s time for investors to look at those coronovirus “winners” and focus on the epidemic “survivor”.

“We made a decision in mid-August that we needed to move our domestic large cap back to neutral, locking in some tech-gains and emphasizing three market segments that we felt would dramatically We were lagging behind, but were ready to start playing catch-up during the next 12 to 18 months, “Orlando told Marketwatch in an interview.

The next batch of “winners” is tied to Orlando’s view that the US recession that began at the beginning of the year has just ended, the country has learned enough to survive the third virus wave, and the vaccine pipeline is optimistic.

Orlando said, “You wouldn’t be surprised when you see how well the US economy has been doing in the last five months.” “GDP growth is going to be around 23% or 24% in the third quarter.”

So he uses three zones as domestic zone-cap prices (think of large companies that trade at stock prices that seem like bargains), domestic small-cap prices, and international stocks.

Boeing BA,
+ 1.01%
Federated Hermes, an industrial company, owns several value-themed departments. “If the airline industry returns, they need to upgrade their fleet of aircraft,” he said.

Retail has seen an essential shakeout and is filled with companies that Orlando said will survive and survive. Of course Amazon dominates, but the target TGT,
+ 0.30%,
Walmart WMT,
+ 2.02%
And costco cost,
+ 0.81%
People want solid multichannel delivery options and products.

The list of sectors that have lagged behind and benefited over the next 18 months are long: airlines, hotels, auto rental companies, cruise ships, then transportation companies and financial companies that include automotive, Loans for housing, leisure and hospitality accommodation and investment for customers. He said that if the vaccines are coming, then the entire health care industry – from vial makers to goods transport companies will benefit.

“I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just a question of how long the tunnel is,” Orlando said.


Stock futures YM00,
+ 0.77%

+ 0.87%

+ 1.29%
European equities are higher with SXPP,
+ 0.63%
Positive too. The Tokyo Stock Exchange was closed for the entire session on a trading glitch, and Friday’s session seems dicey.

The buzz

Weekly unemployed claims, personal income and supply management survey institutes for August are ahead.

MPs will continue talks on Thursday to access a second coronavirus virus stimulus package. This is in the form of American Airlines AAL,
+ 0.32%
And United UAL,
+ 0.69%
They said they would lay off 32,000 workers when federal aid expires. Banker Goldman Sachs GS,
+ 2.12%
Jobs are reportedly being cut, while Hollywood has warned that many of the nation’s theaters will run without government assistance.

The Food and Drug Administration has reportedly widened an investigation into AstraZeneca’s AZN,

+ 0.97%
Coronovirus vaccine candidate, recently on delay in testing it. And Chief Executive Officer of Modern mRNA
+ 0.32%
Said biotech company’s COVID-19 candidate will not be ready for US presidential election.

STMicroelectronics STM shares,
+ 0.29%
The European chipmaker boosted its 2020 revenue outlook in the third quarter for the better.

President Donald Trump has signed a bipartisan bill to fund the government through December 11.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention placed a no-sale order for cruise ships by 31 October.


Stock investors are taking a less negative turn on a possible victory by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, these charts provided by Lori Calvasina, head of RBC Capital’s US equity strategy.

Those bears make up 41% of the respondents, down from 60% in June, the number falling for the first time in two quarters. Nevertheless, the neutral camp is the most popular and the bulls are not plentiful.

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