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  • Google One is a cloud storage service that now provides free phone backup on iOS and Android.
  • Anyone with a Google account can now use the Google One app and their free 15GB of storage space to back up all their photos, videos and documents.
  • If you need more than 15GB of cloud storage, you can upgrade to one of the paid levels starting at $ 1.99 for 100GB of storage and additional subscription perks.

Aside from a viral epidemic taking the entire world to a grinding halt, there are few more terrible scenarios than losing all the data on your smartphone. Many of us keep everything on our phones, from photos with friends, friends and family to photos of trips we took to important documents that we have not yet transferred to our computers. Losing that data would be disastrous, which is why Google’s latest announcement should delight both iOS and Android device owners alike: free automated phone backup via Google One.

Google One is a cloud storage service, launched back in 2018 and has a number of paid tiers, starting at $ 1.99 per month for 100GB of storage. At the time of launch, it offered many other benefits from live support for Google Play credits, but at the end of last year, automatic backups were added for paid members with Android devices. On Wednesday, Google not only made those backups free, but expanded them to iOS devices.

“Even if you don’t have a Google One subscription,” says Google One boss Larissa Fontaine, an automated phone backup will be available on Android phones. “And if you have an iPhone, we’re introducing a new iOS app that lets you store photos, videos, contacts and calendar events with Google. Start backing up your phone with the Google One app, and save on the free usage of the 15 GB storage that comes with your Google account. If you break, lose, or upgrade your phone, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe in the cloud. “

Everyone with a Google account automatically gets 15GB of free storage, and now you can use the location to back up your phone, even if you have an iPhone. Of course, once you save 15GB of data on Google One, you want to manage it, which is why Google is adding a storage manager on the web and in the app that you can see what files are Is taking up the most space and delete files you don’t need.

If 15GB is not enough space, but you prefer Google’s cloud storage solution to others in the market, you can upgrade to a paid subscription within the app. The cheapest plans start at $ 2, but you can get up to $ 9.99 a month or 2TB of cloud storage for $ 99 if you need a ton of space for all your files.

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