Stocks slide as virus disrupts travel and trade between UK and Europe: live update

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  • European stock markets and the British pound tumbled on Monday following the breakdown of some trade and relations between Britain and the traveling continent and were cut off in an effort to include a new fast-spreading version of the coronovirus.

  • The slide was expected to continue on Wall Street. The S&P 500 estimates will fall by 2 percent when futures start trading.

  • Over the weekend, nearby countries closed their borders to UK travelers – and in some cases, British freight – As the government’s health secretary said a new strain of coronovirus was “out of control”, London and the surrounding area were put into lockdown.

  • The Stocks Europe 600 index fell 3.2 percent. The FTSE 250, which has more domestic shares in the UK than the benchmark FTSE 100, declined by 3.6 percent. The CAC was 3.2 percent weaker in France and the DAX 3.5 percent in Germany. Most of Asia’s stock indices also remained at the day’s low. Nikkei 225 was down 0.2 percent in Japan and Hang Seng index 0.7 percent lower in Hong Kong.

  • The British pound fell against all other major currencies. It lost 1.8 percent against the dollar, the biggest single-day decline in nine months. The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and France were among the countries prohibiting travelers to Britain. France also halted the import of goods from Britain, a move that would worsen border disruption and increased concerns over the supply of fresh food.

  • The more contagious version of the virus means that social sanctions will last longer in the UK, possibly for several months while the vaccine is being rolled out. Analysts at Bernburg, a private bank, cut their forecasts for the British economy early next year, saying it was likely to grow only 3 percent in the first quarter, down from 5.5 percent.

  • At the same time, there is an increased risk of ending its transition period with the European Union at the end of the year without a trade agreement with Britain. Both sides missed another Sunday deadline to come to an agreement, but negotiations continue on Monday.

  • In the United States, Congress reached an agreement on a $ 900 billion stimulus package that is expected to boost $ 600 incentive payments and unemployment benefits to millions of Americans.

  • Energy prices fell. West Texas Intermediate futures were down 3.4 percent at $ 47.44 a barrel.

United States> United States of americaOn 20 December 14 day change
New cases 179,801 + 10%
New deaths 1,422 + 19%

World> worldOn 20 December 14 day change
New cases 536,080 4%
New deaths 7561 + 5%

Where there are cases per capita

Tesla shares rose heavily this year, but the stock is volatile.
Credit …Eli Song / Reuters

On Monday, Tesla will be the largest company to join the S&P 500 and with a market capitalization of $ 650 billion, the sudden throw of weight may have strange consequences, Matt Phillips reports.

Companies worth a fraction of Tesla were included in the index long ago, but the approach that has made it such a valuable company has brought challenges. Despite all its technological innovations, Elon Musk’s celebrity billionaire aura and a high-risk, high-yielding approach to business, for the longest time, Tesla was unable to meet corporate America’s most humble need: a profit diversion. Criteria for inclusion require the amount of fully audited profits in the company’s four most recent quarters to be positive. Tesla hit the mark only this year.

Chris Mack, stock portfolio manager at Harding Loener, investment advisor in Bridgewater, NJ, has a lot of good things to say about Tesla as an innovative company. But he does not own shares in his fund, which focuses on buying large-cap technology companies that have a proven track record of profitability, which makes them suitable for long-term holding.

But many investors will not actually have the option to buy shares of Tesla.

The S&P 500 is one of the most widely followed barometers of the US stock market, serving as a benchmark under which investors measure investments of more than $ 11 trillion. Of that, over $ 4.5 trillion is in index funds designed to mirror stocks in the S&P.

Those funds have been buying shares of Tesla since mid-November to enter Tesla’s S&P 500, which has sent its shares up to 60 percent since the announcement that the company would be incorporated.

Dina Srinivasan's research at Google and Facebook has led to a wave of antitrust cases against Big Tech.
Credit …Gabriella Hasbun for The New York Times

A former tech industry insider is now playing a key role in a wave of antitrust cases against giant tech companies.

Dina Srinivasan, who once worked as a digital advertising executive at WPP, the world’s largest advertising agency, quit her job three years ago, after being disenchanted by the immense power extensively faced by companies such as Facebook and Google, The New York Times Report of Daisuke Decabashi in

Srinivasan said, “It felt okay, okay, Facebook and Google were going to win and everybody else was going to lose.” “I don’t think it was widely understood.”

He instead took up the case against him, writing academic papers with an insider’s perspective that redefined mistrust about companies. And his timing was perfect.

The Federal Regulators and the State Attorney General had expressed growing displeasure about Big Tech’s unrestrained power. But many had struggled how to bring up the issue due to the complexity of the companies and the markets they compete. Arguing that these companies were harming consumers, as many of their products are free.

Marshall Steinbaum, assistant professor in Utah’s Department of Economics, said, “His papers clearly state the actual conduct of the platform and its competitive importance.” Wrote on twitter. “They are helpful to implement and come from the point of view of someone who clearly knows the industry and the facts.”

In recent months, growing concerns about the outside influence of the technology’s most powerful companies have set off a cascade of antitrust lawsuits, with three cases targeting Google and two against Facebook.

As legal arguments take shape, there is evidence of Ms. Srinivasan’s fingerprints.

Cyber ​​Prank 2077, an immature role-playing game from CD Projek Raid, was released in December after nearly a decade of hype.  Here, fans gather at the Tokyo Game Show in 2019.
Credit …Frank Robichon / EPA via Shutterstock

Since the release of the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 video game on December 10, thousands of gamers have created viral videos that feature a multitude of glits and bugs – many hilarious – that marries the game and is used by many users. Is considered almost invincible.

So many gamers demanded refunds from distributors last week that they overwhelmed Sony’s customer service representatives and even took down one of its corporate sites. In response, Sony and Microsoft stated that they would give full refunds to anyone purchasing Cyberpunk 2077 through their online store; Sony also removed reports from Mike Isaac and Kellen Browning in The New York Times.

Cyberpunk’s rollout is one of the most visible disasters in video game history – a high-profile flameout by a studio during the holiday shopping season that is widely considered an industry darling. It shows that gaming studios can withstand years of development and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of title-a-games during the making of so-called Triple-A games.

“There was a lot there, but they just didn’t pay attention to the details,” said Billy Marte, a gamer who bought in high hopes around Cyberpunk, which was developed by the Polish studio CD Projekt Red. “It is clear that this game was attended.”

CD Projek Red’s stock has dropped 41 percent since early December. Inside the studio, fingers are pointed from then and there. In a controversial meeting with board members on Thursday, employees at CD Projekt Red pressured officials over the game’s unrealistic deadlines and false promises.

Insiders said they saw months of development based on CD Projekt Red’s history and warning signs that Cyberpunk 2077 would not meet its skyrocketing expectations.

  • The Federal Reserve said on Friday that the largest banks in the financial system had a severe economic setback from the epidemic, and would be able to return more money to shareholders early next year as long as they showed they were profitable. Huh. In June, the Fed imposed a temporary cap on shareholder payments by the country’s largest banks. Following the regulatory announcement on Friday, JPMorgan Chase said it would buy back $ 30 billion of its shares during the first three months of 2021.

  • In a novel case, federal prosecutors on Friday leveled criminal charges against an executive in Zoom, accusing the company of involvement in a conspiracy to disrupt and censor the video in memory of the Tianmen Square massacre. He is accused of entering video meetings with others using profile pictures involving terrorists or child pornography. Subsequently, Mr. Jin would report the meetings for violating the terms of service, prosecutors said.

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