Stock markets fell, but these 4 winners continued to win

Friday was an ugly day for the stock market. Nasdaq composite (NASDAQINDEX: ^ COMP) Pigeon during the middle of the trading day, and it took a huge retaliation for it to end down just 1% per day. A similar size decline ruled for this day Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^ DJI) And S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^ SPX).

The list Percentage change Point change
Dow jones indicators (0.88%) (245)
S&P 500 (1.12%) (38)
Nasdaq composite (1.07%) (117)

Data Source: Yahoo! Finance.

But there were still some winning stocks, even though the market was in decline. In fact, the stocks that were high were familiar names that have done consistently well throughout 2020. It is clear that investors want to stay with the winners, and similar themes are appearing day by day, regardless of what the broader market does.

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Four Winners Theme

Most of the big-name stocks leading the stock market over the years were among today’s losers. FAANG stocks were down all along Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Especially in giving another 3%. It brought the iPhone manufacturer’s loss since being 22% earlier this month.

Instead, companies with the largest market cap today are showing 5% profit, which were in four major categories. they include:

1. Teleconferencing

Zoom video communication (NASDAQ: ZM) This year its impressive profit grew by another 6%. With indications that the coronovirus epidemic is likely to persist for a long time, arguments about Zoom are occurring as a fad as the business grows. Zoom has gained momentum not only in its stock price but also in its business and as long as it matches well, the stock can run high.

2. Cloud Computing

Recently IPO Snowflake (NYSE: Snow) There was some decline on Friday, rising more than 5% on Friday. The stock doubled to an offer price of exactly $ 120. The jury still has a say on whether Snowflake is more than a pain or ahead of the curve in terms of investor appreciation. However, some argue that the snowflake technique has no value. As more companies move to the cloud, companies like Snowflake will remain in high demand.

3. E-commerce

Wayfair (NYSE: W) Nearly 8% climbed Friday, proves once again Amazon.Com Not the only company that can play in online retail. Internet furniture experts have done well during the epidemic, finding ways to meet the challenges inherent in meeting demand and effectively shipping large items. Investors and Wayfair are optimistic about their ability to win, like what they have seen.

4. linked to fitness

Eventually, Peloton interactive (NASDAQ: PTON) Raised 5%. Some have recently feared that Apple may step into the connected fitness space, using the power of its ecosystem to offer a credible challenge to its fitness watch and peloton’s network of online fitness resources. However, even Apple will not be able to close the overnight gap. In addition, the new suit of peloton with lower prices and more attractive features may tempt those who have been on the fence to finally move on and buy.

The winning shares keep winning as their businesses continue to perform well. As long as this situation persists, the stock market continues to decline in all these trends, even if all these trends are on the ground.

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