Still need time to evaluate it

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – When it comes to Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Locke’s immediate future, newly-appointed general manager George Patton will be both judge and jury.

Patan, who was formally introduced on Tuesday in his new job, faces some big tickets on his immediate to-do list, with a lock or not, a starter in 2021 and a decision on top right. And it is a decision that Patton will initially have to dig, at least, on his own.

“The best way for George is to go and evaluate [Lock] Myself and not myself [offensive coordinator] to Pat [Shurmur] or [quarterbacks coach] Mike [Shula] Influence their thinking, “Broncos coach Vic Fangio said.” Give him a sterile and fair look. We can come back together, and he can express his thoughts based on what he has seen. We can answer some questions for him. … [But] It is best for them to form their opinions without the influence of me or other coaches. “

In his first full season as a starter, Locke shined his ability several times, particularly shortening the stretch, including his 13th against the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 13 and the 339-yard, two- in the season finale. Touchdown days included. But he also finished the final year among the league’s starting quarterback in percentage (57.3) and tied for the most interceptions (15) as the Broncos had the worst turnover margin in the league (minus-16).

The Broncos, who have started nine different quarterbacks from the halfway point during the 2017 season and also have Phillip Lindsay running back behind center against New Orleans this season due to COVID-19 issues, have been running for the past five seasons. Has missed the playoffs in each of the. They have not gone above 19th in scoring since 2014 and finished 28th in the last two years.

“I liked Drew coming out of the draft – big-handed, athletic, playmaker,” Patton said. “I haven’t studied him. I haven’t entered a lot of tapes. I’ve only been here four days. I’ve seen enough tapes to know that he is talented and he can develop.”

Patan, who came to the Broncos after 14 seasons with the Mistons Vikings, the final nine as the team’s assistant general manager, is the Broncos’ final decision on roster makeup, draft and free agency. He noted the importance of “consistency” at quarterback for a team on Tuesday, which is far short of the center after Peyton Manning retired.

He also said that the Broncos would explore each avenue to improve the situation as they evaluate the lock.

“The quarterback is the most important position in games. If you don’t have consistency at quarterback, you will face a difficult time to get the win,” Patton said. “I think we all want more franchise quarterbacks. The goal of No. 1 is to draft and develop or achieve it in any way you can.”

Broncos president of football operations John Elway, who stepped away from the GM role and was a key figure in hiring Patton, has said he will offer his opinion on Lock to Patan, but Patton actually has the final call . Elway has stated that he continues to like the lock’s ability, but the lock will have to be used for this offscreen job.

“I’m still high on Drew, he has the physical ability to do it,” Elve said on Tuesday. “We will continue to look at that situation – you always are – and see the opportunities that you have. George will go through that whole process, and if we have the ability to get better in that situation. And it is better that we think If we have that, George will make that decision … I still think Drew is a young boy. He showed the Flash this year, but he made mistakes. Young quarterbacks always make mistakes. I made a million mistakes. The first two or three years, but that’s how you can learn from them. “


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