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The races at Bristol Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Cup teams can often be like riding a roller coaster: up and down, side to side and back and forth.

That's the perfect description of how Sunday's Food City 500 was for Stewart-Haas Racing.

This is how the day went for the organization:

* Kevin Harvick it was found behind the eight ball even before the green flag it fell. Harvick's car did not pbad the pre-race inspection three times, taking his engineer being ejected from the track.

Harvick then had to carry out a transfer penalty at the beginning for the subject of the inspection. There was a positive side, as he avoided the accident on lap 3 that involved teammate Aric Almirola, as well as Ricky Stenhouse Jr., William Byron, Kyle Busch and Ryan Preece.

Later in the race, Harvick had to make an unscheduled pit stop due to a loose wheel.

To his credit, however, Harvick and team boss Rodney Childers finished with a 13th.finishing place. Harvick did not offer any appointments about his day after the race.

* Clint Bowyer was the SHR driver with the best result, finishing seventh, but then he was disappointed because he felt he should have finished in the top five, which did not happen mainly due to the late contact with Joey Logano.

TThe contact with the hat led to a tire cut for Bowyer, who cut the wall, ending his chance to be in the top five.

"We had a good car, it's horribly disappointingg, "Bowyer said." You get so close. The long races were my strong point. I could not take off all day. Some of those things made sense. We had a little air and took a little time to get inside. The problem is when you balance around that and simply increase the air pressure, then it does not work either and you do not do not drive there. It's just disappointing. "

Still, Bowyer said the contact with Logano was just a racing agreement.

"He was competing pretty hard, "Bowyer said." I could get under him. I saw that I could put myself under him and he would put it like a diamond and he just did not leave me much space there. It's time to run There's no doubt about it. We barely touched and must have cut the valve stem or something and just hit it. Maybe his fender caught him or something, I do not know.

"That's about the typical luck here. Damn if you do it, damn if you do not. We put ourselves in position. "

* Daniel Suárez extended his final top-10 streak to three races in a row with an eighth position. But he also had problems at times, even when he was given a one-lap penalty for chopping out of his pit box when a crew member pulled the tape from the front grill when the car left the stand and the action was taken outside. from the box.

"Today was difficult " He admitted Suarez. "We made a lot of mistakes that we were lucky to overcome and finish in the top 10. I'm proud of that, we have to stay better, but it's good that we're making these mistakes now so we can clean them up and be stronger in the second half of the season. We have a very good team, we have excellent race cars and it is always good to have a good performance, today we had a lot of speed, I felt we had a maximum speed of five and when we are not very good we have a top speed of 10 and that's where we ended up, so after all those mistakes it was still a decent day. "

* After three laps, the hardest day of all (seeing him finish after three laps) was Aric Almirola, whose streak of six consecutive finishes in the top 10 finishes with a final (37th) final.

Almirola was forced to get into the wall on lap 3 when William Byron left a corner and rode in the No. 10 Ford of Almirola. Almirola took his car to the garage, ending his day.

"The 24 (William Byron) was released under me, "said Almirola. "He struggled to get going at the initial start, he spun his tires and then he got lost and lost control throughout the first lap, when we went down in Turn 1, he lost it under me and eliminated us, I'm pretty frustrated. All weekend, the whole week preparing for the event and to make it a return is something out of place, so I'm disappointed, frustrated, but life goes on. We'll go to Richmond. "

Almirola felt that the incident was due to "part of that is inexperience on William's part. I think he started to panic because he started to lose points at the start because he turned his tires at the beginning, and probably a little over his head due to the pressure of the tires and everything that did not go up and he just lost it. It came loose under me, it lost it and it ran straight to the side and it tore us apart. Part of that comes with experience, I suppose, but, in any case, it does not change the outcome for us today."

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