Stevie Wonder shares two new songs and leaves Motown records after nearly 60 years

Stevie Wonder has shared two new songs and signed a new record deal with Republic Records.

The veteran singer dropped ‘Where Is Our Love Song’ and ‘Can’t Put in the Hands of Fate’ during a virtual press conference this evening (13 October). He also announced that he would be leaving Motown after nearly 60 years.

He has started his own imprint – So What the Fuss Music. “I had a fantastic conversation with Monte Lipman, (Republic) president, and I spoke with India. Yes, who signed with Republic,” Wonder said.

Wonder was a Motown recording artist for his entire career, as he signed with the label in 1961 as an 11-year-old.

“Even though I have left Motown, I do not leave Motown. He is Detroit. So I’m sure we can find out how we can do some things in Motown. Maybe I can do my ‘Gospel Inspired Lula’ with Motown. We will work it out, ”he said in 2013, referring to a gospel project named after a deceased mother.

The musician also stated that he is potentially working on putting out a compilation EP that will include two new songs, and a new solo album ‘Through the Eyes of Wonder’ will be released.

Of the two new tracks, he said of ‘Where Is Our Love Song’: “This is a song that I actually started working on at the age of 18, not even knowing that this song How was it going to happen, but I got the tune. Then this year all the confusion and all the hatred and all the East vs. West, left vs. right came.

“It’s just a heartbreak. And people who say ‘this is what God has said … this is my religion,’ this is just a lot of confusion … I see all this and say, ‘Hold on, you about God How can I talk and hate it? ‘ your soul? ”

Of the latter track, ‘Can’t Put It in the Hands of Fate’, Wonder said: “I was wondering where we are in the world. And I was wondering how this is the most important time. Just black people. Or not people of color, but young people are going everywhere, ‘this is not acceptable.’ Change is now. We cannot put it in the hands of fate. No one has got time to wait. ”

Earlier this month, she opened up about racial tensions in the US and Donald Trump’s failures in a new video.

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