Stevie Nick posted the tweet for her own dreams, the meme brings full circle

Well, it was inevitable.

Stevie Nicks has finally nodded on Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 revival of the tune “Dreams” – aided by cranberry-juice drinking skateboarder Nathan Apodaca – with his own tikkok, featuring roller-skates with an apparently deathless song As shown.

“Clip noon,” said 72-year-old Nick. “Lace” up them, “he said, making sure to tag Apodaca, which is naturally a thrill for all of us who never thought we’d find Nick any or all of the phrases” 420doggface208, “Idaho Skateboarder Will use the handle of.

It’s nice to see Nick in a better mood, the last time we heard from her, she was acknowledging that the coronovirus epidemic was “stealing her last young years.”

“I just don’t have 10 years to move around and have to wait for this thing,” she told the Associated Press last week. “I have a place to go, people to sing, to make another album.”

As for Apodaca, he has been in the headlines most of the time since his original clip – in which he lip-syncs the street while drinking Ocean Spray, slowly dragging “Dreams” down – this month. Went wildly early. Not only did they get a truck full of cranberry juice, but they also raised over $ 10,000 towards a new RV.


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