Steven Nick said that Harry is definitely ‘running’ for the mini-series on ‘Styles’.

Harry Styles has recently been dipping his toes into the acting world, as he prepares to star in Olivia Wilde’s upcoming film Don’t worry darling. But will he also make his way to the big screen to help his mentor Stevie Nick?

In a new interview with Los Angeles Times, Nix shared that she hopes to make a film about the Celtic god Rhiannon, ever since a fan sent her four novels on folklore in the Manila envelope, with author Evangeline Walton adopting an adaptation of the ancient British Ibinogian.

Nick bought the rights to the work, soon decided to make it into television miniseries and wrote 10 unreleased songs specifically for the project. And while he didn’t have a dream cast, Nick told the publication that Styles “is definitely on the move.”

The Fleetwood Mac star continued his mentorship, saying, “I’m going, ‘Harry, you can’t live one day. You have to live just as you are. I’ve already sold it to her.”

For him when he joined the former One Direction Star forum at the Forum in Los Angeles Nice line The album release show, Nick, said it was “a huge thrill, because he made a choice to be a rock ‘n’ roll star and not a pop star.”

“He was a band risk for a boy. He was like ‘Tusk’ Fleetwood Mac after rumors. ‘ I was so proud of her. ”

Read the full interview here.

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