Steve Martin’s DIY hack lets fans recognize him with his face mask

Steve Martin has a DIY fix for masked celebrities who want recognition. Wear only the name symbol.

“Always wear a mask when I go out,” Actor tweeted on Saturday. “But something was leaving me worried and restless about it. I thought about the problem, addressed it, and here is the solution. “The 75-year-old tweeted a picture of himself balancing a piece of paper over his head that read,” Steve Martin “pointing downward with an arrow.

Martin’s tweet began in the morning when Kevin Bacon, Ice-T and Jimmy Kimmel spread the joke. During the coronovirus epidemic, celebrities have advocated for face masks, including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (both battling COVID-19 infections in March), Chrissy Teigen, Matthew McLodugi, Jennifer Aniston, and Sharon Stone. In a social media PSA, Chelsea Handler also wore a bra top with two masks. “Please find a mask and apply it on any part of your body!” She said in an Instagram video.

This week, fans raised their expectations father of the Bride Director Nancy Meyers hinted that there might be a reunion in the works. “If he feels that one marriage is enough, how will he react by 2020?” The phone will soon be in your hands! “She wrote on Instagram. In the 1991 film, Martin (George Banks) and Diane Keaton (Nina Banks) play the character of a highly indifferent parent to Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who plays Annie.

In the 1995 sequel, George navigates Annie – and Nina’s pregnancy. Responding to a tweet whether the third installment of the film is possible, Martin tweeted, “Enigmatic, isn’t it?”

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