Steve Martin signs it with a mask on Twitter

An absolutely necessary invention.
Photo: Twitter

It should be very difficult for celebrities to wear a mask and behold their beautiful faces. I mean, even if you are not recognized when you go anywhere, what’s the point of being famous? Thankfully Steve Martin has come up with a solution that will work if you are a celebrity wearing a mask named Steve Martin. Comedians, actors and amazing banjo players took to Twitter to share their invention with the public. “I always wear a mask when I go out,” Martin tweeted. “But something was leaving me worried and restless about it. I thought about the problem, addressed it, and here’s the solution. “After this Martin showed up wearing a classic medical mask, a pair of photographs, and a hastily inscribed sign that read” Steve Martin “with an arrow. With the face pointing down. Thanks to Martin’s ingenuity, we no longer wonder mortals only if the masked gray-haired man we passed walking down the street, in fact, Steve Martin. Now we’re a Beyond the shadow of doubt, know whether it is Steve Martin or not.