Steve Jurczyk is appointed Associate Administrator of NASA in a series of executive movements

Steve Jurczyk

Steve Jurczyk has been appointed permanent badociate administrator at NASA after serving as an actor for two months.

"I want to thank Steve for his step on the plate as" NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Jurczyk previously served as badociate administrator of the agency's space technology mission and director at the Langley Research Center. in Hampton, Virginia

The 20-year veteran of NASA began his career in the agency as design, integration and inspection engineer within the electronic systems branch before moving to the position of director of engineering and head of research and technology in Langley.

He received the 2016 Presidential Ranking Award for Distinguished Executive and two outstanding Leadership Medals from NASA.

Melanie S Aunders, who has been serving as deputy director of the center at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, has been named interim badistant deputy director in a measure that will go into effect on June 10.

Saunders will replace Krista Paquin, who will retire from NASA at the end of May after a 34-year career at the agency.

Saunders served for four years as an badociate manager of the International Space Station program. She is a former deputy director of the ISS external relations office and international policy manager related to the space station.


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