Steve Bannon’s Twitter account suspended

The Twitter account of former White House strategist Stephen Bannon was suspended on Thursday following an alleged call by the country’s leading infectious diseases specialist. Anthony FauciAnthony Foxy Oxford scientist ‘optimistic’ COVID-19 vaccine to be ready by year end in UK Second highest new coronovirus case report Overnight health care on Election Day: New coronovirus cases recorded in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania. CDC: Pregnant women with COVID-19 are at increased risk for serious consequences. Drugmakers say the price tag could be a total of more than a hundred thousand opioid lawsuits.“Bike on Head” on his podcast.

His podcast is a Twitter account @WarRoomPandemic The statement was suspended after it went live.

In an email sent to The Hill, Twitter said that Bannon’s account was suspended for violating “our policy on glorification of violence”.

Twitter said it has policies in place to address explicit threats of violence and online abuse or harassment and other forms of hateful conduct.

Bannon’s allegedly violent comments in his “War Room” YouTube podcast come on Thursday as the nation has yet to be seen as a winner in the presidential race President TrumpDonald John Trumpides tried to stop Trump in hopes of attacking McCain: Arizona officials warn that vote count may be delayed, leading to flood of dissolution New Trump campaign lawsuits late Reaching Georgia Mail Ballot Goals And Democratic candidates Joe BidenJoe BidenAides Tries to Get Trump to Stop Trump from Attacking McCain: Reported by Arizona Reporting Rihanna Tells Executives to Target Georgia Mail Votes Late in New Trump Campaign Trial Count the day ‘Every Vote’: ‘Wait more’.

His words about Fauci came when he suggested shooting the country’s leading epidemiologist on the White House Coronovirus Task Force, as well as FBI Director Christopher Ray.

Bannon said, “The second term begins with firing Ray, shooting Fauci, no, I really want to go one step further, but the president is a kind man and a good man.”

He said, “I really want to go back to the old times of Tudor England. I’ll put their heads on a bike, well, I’ll put them in two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats. You either Are with the program or have you gone. “

His comments angered users on social media, with some calling for attention to the fact that Bannan is currently out on bail on charges of alleged extortion.

YouTube reported that Hill Bannon’s video was removed and the account received a strike, noting that the company had a three-strike policy before an account was terminated.

YouTube spokesman Alex Joseph said, “We have removed this video for violating our policy against inciting violence. We will be cautious when implementing our policies.”

Joseph said that since Bannon’s channel received a strike, his account could be banned from uploading videos for at least a week.

The incident came to light when Kathy Griffin on Thursday rewrote an infamous photo of Trump carrying a bloody decaferected head that he had previously shared in 2017.

The comedian originally received backlash for years after posting controversial photos, paying the price for several of his career opportunities and making death threats against him.

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