Stephen Gostowski of the Titans hits a game-winning field goal after missing four kicks during the game vs. the Broncos

Stephen Gostowski got some redemptions Monday night as he led the Tennessee Titans to a narrow win over the Denver Broncos in the first game of the 2020 NFL season.

The Titans had a 16–14 lead less than 20 seconds before Gostkowski missed a field goal of less than 25 before missing three field goals and an extra point.

VS is connected with Ishaan during TITANS ‘game. Broncos for ransom at JAKE BUTT

Broncos quarterback Drew Lock would try to muster a final-second game-winning touchdown drive, but to no avail. Tennessee won.

It was one of the worst games for Gostkowski in his career.


He secured the job of the Titans late in training camp. He never missed scoring three or more field goals in a game in his career with the New England Patriots.

Tennessee’s Ryan Tannehill was 29-for-43 with 249 passing yards and two touchdown passes. He had a touchdown pass to Jonu Smith and another to Micol Pruitt. Corey Davis led the yard with 101 catches for 101 yards.

Derrick Henry had 116 yards on 31 carries on the ground.

Lock was 22-for-33 with 216 passing yards and a touchdown.

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Melvin Gordon III scored his first touchdown as a Broncos player. He rushed for 78 yards in 15 carries.

Tennessee falls to 1-0 with the win and Denver 0–1.

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